United States Ninth Circuit - January 2017 Opinion Summaries

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Schwern v. Plunkett

United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law
In a case to resolve the lingering uncertainty about the Court's jurisdiction to hear immediate appeals from denials of Oregon anti-SLAPP (strategic...
01/17/2017 14-35576

State of Missouri ex rel. Koster v. Harris

United States Ninth Circuit
Health Law, Agriculture, Government Law
In a suit filed six states seeking to block enforcement of California laws and regulations prescribing standards for the conditions under which...
01/17/2017 14-17111

Okafor v. US

United States Ninth Circuit
Asset Forfeiture
In an action arising out of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents' seizure of $99,500 from claimant's carry-on bag at San Francisco...
01/13/2017 14-17087

Ames v. King County

United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Criminal Law & Procedure
In a 42 U.S.C. section 1983 action in which plaintiff alleged, among other things, that deputies violated her Fourth Amendment rights by using...
01/13/2017 14-36035

Kum Tat, Ltd. v. Linden Ox Pasture, LLC

United States Ninth Circuit
Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Contracts
In an interlocutory appeal of the district court's denying plaintiff's motion to compel arbitration of a claim against defendant, the appeal is...
01/13/2017 14-17472

Mashiri v. Epsten Grinnell & Howell

United States Ninth Circuit
Debt Collection
In an action alleging a law firm committed unlawful debt collection practices in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15...
01/13/2017 14-56927

US v. Rivera-Ruperto

United States Ninth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
In a case arising out of a large-scale FBI investigation known as 'Operation Guard Shack,' in which the FBI, in an effort to root out police...
01/13/2017 12-2364, 12-2367

US ex rel. Kelly v. Serco, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Government Contracts, Injury & Tort Law
In an action under the False Claims Act, alleging that plaintiff's former employer submitted fraudulent claims for payment to the United States for...
01/12/2017 14-56769

Gardner v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

United States Ninth Circuit
Tax Law
In a petition for redetermination of federal income tax deficiencies that challenged the taxability of alleged maintenance payments received by...
01/12/2017 13-72699

Pepper v. Apple Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Antitrust & Trade Regulation
In an an antitrust complaint alleging that Apple monopolized and attempted to monopolize the market for iPhone apps, the district court's dismissal...
01/12/2017 14-15000