United States Ninth Circuit - September 2015 Opinion Summaries

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US v. Myers

United States Ninth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Judges & Judiciary
In a criminal case in which the defendant and government reached a plea deal during a settlement conference conducted by a magistrate judge, the...
09/14/2015 13-10580

Wabakken v. California Dep't of Corrections and Rehabilitation

United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Civil Rights
In an action brought by a former employee of defendant, alleging violations of 42 U.S.C. section 1983 and California's Whistleblower Protection Act,...
09/14/2015 13-56075

Lenz v. Universal Music Corp.

United States Ninth Circuit
Cyberspace Law, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, Copyright
In an action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), alleging that defendants violated 17 U.S.C. section 512(f) by misrepresenting in a...
09/14/2015 13-16106

Magnetar Technologies Corp. v. Intamin, Ltd.

United States Ninth Circuit
Antitrust & Trade Regulation
In a suit alleging malicious prosecution of a patent infringement action and monopolization in violation of Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act,...
09/14/2015 13-56119

In Re: Landmark Fence Co.

United States Ninth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Civil Procedure
In an underlying bankruptcy case, the district court's order vacating the bankruptcy court's judgment finding the debtor had committed violations of...
09/11/2015 13-55509

Resilient Floor Covering Pension Trust Fund Bd. of Trustees v. Michael's Floor Covering, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
ERISA, Labor & Employment Law
In an ERISA case, the district court's judgment, after a bench trial, holding that a construction industry employer was not subject to "withdrawal...
09/11/2015 12-17675

US v. Augare

United States Ninth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
Sentence enhancement under U.S.S.G. section 2B1.1(b)(10)(C), following the defendant's guilty plea to conspiracy to defraud the United States, False...
09/09/2015 14-30131

Pollinator Stewardship Council v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

United States Ninth Circuit
Administrative Law, Environmental Law
In an action challenging the EPA's unconditional registration of sulfoxaflor, the agency's action is vacated and remanded for further studies and data...
09/09/2015 13-72346

In Re: Optical Disk Drive Antitrust Litigation

United States Ninth Circuit
Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Civil Procedure
In an antitrust suit against optical disk drive manufacturers, the district court's denial of a motion to quash a civil subpoena to the Department of...
09/09/2015 14-17502

Taylor v. San Diego County

United States Ninth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus
Denial of habeas corpus petition challenging a state-court order committing petitioner indefinitely for involuntary treatment as a sexually violent...
09/09/2015 12-55030