United States Ninth Circuit - June 2015 Opinion Summaries

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McBride v. Lopez

United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Criminal Law & Procedure
In a prisoner civil rights action under the Prison Litigation Reform Act, the district court's order granting defendants' motion to dismiss is...
06/30/2015 12-17682

Vietnam Veterans of America v. Central Intelligence Agency

United States Ninth Circuit
Health Law, Military Law
In an action brought by veterans organizations and individuals who were subjects in chemical an biological weapons experiments conducted by the US...
06/30/2015 13-17430

Pistor v. Garcia

United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Gaming Law, Indian Law
In an action brought against tribal officers who were sued in their individual capacities for an assertedly unconstitutional detention and seizure of...
06/30/2015 12-17095

Ward v. Apple, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Class Actions, Cyberspace Law
In a putative class action against Apple, alleging that it conspired with AT&T Mobility (ATTM) to violate federal antitrust laws, the district court’s...
06/29/2015 12-17805

Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission v. US Environmental Protection Agency

United States Ninth Circuit
Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Water Law
In a petition for review challenging the Beaumont Permit issued by the EPA under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System provisions of the...
06/29/2015 13-70633

Angelotti Chirporactice, Inc. v. Baker

United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Workers' Compensation
In a suit claiming Senate Bill 863, which was enacted to combat an acute "lien crisis" in its workers' compensation system, violated the Takings...
06/29/2015 13-56996

US v. US District Court for District of Nevada

United States Ninth Circuit
Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Judges & Judiciary
In a petition for a writ of mandamus brought y the US challenging the a district court judge's policy of denying the applications for pro hac vice...
06/29/2015 14-70486

US v. Esoaranza

United States Ninth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Conviction for importing marijuana is vacated where the government's use of a hearsay statement, which the government used as proof that defendant...
06/29/2015 13-50033

CHMM, LLC v. Freeman Marine Equipment, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
In an admiralty case in which a vessel owner sued for the physical damage a defective vessel component caused to property that the owner added to the...
06/29/2015 13-35163

Addington v. US Airlines Pilots Association

United States Ninth Circuit
Labor & Employment Law, Transportation
In a labor dispute over the pilot seniority list of two airlines that merged in 2005, the district court's judgment is: 1) reversed as to the...
06/26/2015 14-15874