United States Seventh Circuit - November 2018 Opinion Summaries

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McCann v. Brady

United States Seventh Circuit
Constitutional Law, Elections
Held that legislative immunity blocked an Illinois state senator from suing the senate minority leader for violating his constitutional rights by...
11/26/2018 18-2175

Griffin v. Teamcare

United States Seventh Circuit
Health Law, ERISA
Reinstated a physician's ERISA claims alleging that a patient's health plan paid her less than the usual, reasonable, and customary rate for her...
11/26/2018 18-2374

US v. Zamudio

United States Seventh Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Held that it was error to suppress drug-trafficking evidence seized at the defendant's home pursuant to a search warrant. Reversed and remanded, on...
11/20/2018 18‐1529

Riley v. City of Kokomo, Indiana, Housing Authority

United States Seventh Circuit
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
Held that a terminated employee of a city housing authority who suffered from medical conditions that required leaves of absences did not survive...
11/20/2018 17-1701

Taylor v. City of Lawrenceburg

United States Seventh Circuit
Constitutional Law, Labor & Employment Law
Held that a former police officer did not survive summary judgment on his claims that his employment was terminated because of his disagreements with...
11/20/2018 17-2803

Rogers v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

United States Seventh Circuit
Tax Law
Affirmed the Tax Court's finding that a woman did not qualify for innocent spouse relief, in a case involving a married couple's deficient joint...
11/19/2018 17-3358

DeCoster v. Waushara County Highway Dept.

United States Seventh Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Civil Procedure, Attorney's Fees
Held that claim preclusion barred a landowner from bringing suit in federal court under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property...
11/15/2018 18-2387

Bell v. Vacuforce, LLC

United States Seventh Circuit
Copyright, Sanctions, Attorney's Fees
Affirmed sanctions imposed against a defense attorney for filing a frivolous motion seeking prevailing party attorney fees. Held that it was baseless...
11/14/2018 18-1159

Thomas v. Anderson

United States Seventh Circuit
Civil Rights, Criminal Law & Procedure
Reinstated an Illinois prisoner's civil rights claim that he was beaten by prison guards and undeservedly disciplined in retaliation for lawsuits and...
11/14/2018 15-2830

US v. Hudson

United States Seventh Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed a conviction of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, but ordered the written judgment amended to clarify the conditions of the...
11/14/2018 18-1130