United States Seventh Circuit - November 2010 Opinion Summaries

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US v. Maulding

Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
District court's imposition of a below-Guidelines range 240-month sentence followed by a life term of supervised release upon a defendant convicted of...
11/30/2010 09-3103

US v. Nunez

Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing, Evidence
In a prosecution of defendant for knowingly and intentionally possessing over 500 grams of cocaine with intent to distribute, district court's...
11/30/2010 10-1384

Am. Bank v. City of Menasha

Civil Procedure, Class Actions, Evidence, Government Law, Securities Law
In a class action suit against a city claiming that it had violated federal securities law by failing to disclose to prospective buyers of bonds...
11/29/2010 10-1963

O'Connor-Spinner v. Astrue

Administrative Law, Evidence, Government Benefits, Health Law, Labor & Employment Law
District court's affirmance of the Social Security Administration's denial of claimant's 2004 application for Supplemental Security Income and...
11/29/2010 09-4083

Clifford v. Crop Prod. Serv., Inc.

Evidence, Injury & Tort Law, Product Liability, Agriculture, Contracts
In a corn farmer's negligence suit against a supplier of herbicides, district court's grant of defendant's motion for summary judgment is affirmed...
11/29/2010 10-1377

Liang v. Holder

Government Law, Immigration Law
Chinese citizen's petition for review of the BIA's denial of a motion to reopen and again apply for asylum, withholding of removal and CAT protection,...
11/24/2010 09-3713

Dexia Credit Local v. Rogan

Government Law, Judgement Enforcement, Probate, Trusts & Estates, Remedies, Civil Procedure
In plaintiff's suit for supplemental proceedings, requesting turnover of assets held in trusts that defendant had established, including trusts in the...
11/24/2010 09-2986

Mata-Guerrero v. Holder

Criminal Law & Procedure, Government Law, Immigration Law
Mexican citizen's petition for review of the BIA's affirmance of an IJ's denial of petitioner's application for a 212(c) waiver, on the ground that...
11/24/2010 10-1664

Nat'l Spritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the U.S.A. Under the Hereditary Guardianship, Inc. v. Nat'l Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the U.S.A. , Inc.

Trademark, Remedies, Tax-exempt Organizations, Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property
In an appeal from a civil-contempt proceeding alleging violations of an injunction entered more than four decades ago, arising from an underlying suit...
11/23/2010 08-2306

Nightingale Home Healthcare, Inc. v. Anodyne Therapy, LLC

Attorney's Fees, Civil Procedure, Government Law, Intellectual Property, Trademark, Remedies
In a home healthcare services provider's suit against a seller of infrared lamps under the Lanham Act, district court's award of defendant's request...
11/23/2010 10-2327
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