United States Seventh Circuit - December 2008 Opinion Summaries

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Seeger v. AFNI, Inc.

United States Seventh Circuit
Class Actions, Communications Law, Consumer Protection Law, Contracts, Debt Collection
In a class-action suit charging defendant, a collector for Cingular Wireless, with violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and...
12/08/2008 07-4083

Chavez-Vasquez v. Mukasey

United States Seventh Circuit
Administrative Law, Immigration Law
Illegal alien's petition for review of an order of removal is dismissed where: 1) the court lacked jurisdiction to hear an appeal from a judgment...
12/08/2008 08-1652

US v. Colon

United States Seventh Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Conviction for possession with intent to sell cocaine and conspiracy is affirmed in part and reversed in part, and sentence vacated and remanded...
12/08/2008 07-3929

US v. Podhorn

United States Seventh Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Sentencing
Conviction of a licensed firearms dealer for making false statements, selling stolen firearms, and recordkeeping violations is affirmed, and sentence...
12/08/2008 06-2139

US v. Hearn

United States Seventh Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Sentencing
Upon petitions by both parties for rehearing, defendant's petition is denied, government's petition granted, and conviction and sentence for...
12/05/2008 07-1613

Flying J Inc. v. City of New Haven

United States Seventh Circuit
Constitutional Law, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In a suit arising from a town's amendment of its zoning ordinance to limit all service stations to a maximum of two acres in size, dismissal for...
12/05/2008 08-2319

US v. Hagerman

United States Seventh Circuit
Corporation & Enterprise Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Environmental Law, Water Law
Convictions of a corporation and its president for making false statements in violation of the Clean Water Act are affirmed where at any point in a...
12/05/2008 07-3874, 07-3875

US v. Morris

United States Seventh Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
In an appeal from a conviction for attempting to transport a minor across state lines to engage in illegal sexual conduct, attorney's motion to...
12/05/2008 08-2329

Johnson v. Orr

United States Seventh Circuit
Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Property Law & Real Estate, Tax Law
In a suit claiming civil-rights violations by defendant-county for its failure to determine before the fact that a parcel of land purchased by...
12/04/2008 08-1133

Bingham v. New Berlin Sch. Dist.

United States Seventh Circuit
Attorney's Fees, Education Law
In an action arising from alleged violations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), seeking to collect attorneys' fees after...
12/04/2008 08-1250