United States Seventh Circuit - August 2008 Opinion Summaries

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Laborers' Pension Fund v. Pavement Maint., Inc.

Civil Procedure, Construction, Debt Collection
In proceedings to collect a money judgment against defendant, an order requiring a third party which was indebted to defendant to turn over funds...
08/29/2008 06-1955, 06-2357

Aioub v. Mukasey

Administrative Law, Immigration Law
In an immigration case involving an allegedly fraudulent marriage, petition for review of BIA order of removal is denied where substantial evidence...
08/29/2008 07-3666

Envtl. Barrier Co., LLC v. Slurry Sys., Inc.

Construction, Contracts, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
In a construction contract dispute, judgment confirming an arbitrator's award in favor of plaintiff is affirmed where: 1) the arbitrator was empowered...
08/29/2008 06-3910

US v. Jackson

Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, White Collar Crime
Convictions of three defendants for bank fraud involving generation of false mortgage loan documents are affirmed over claims of error regarding: 1)...
08/29/2008 06-3848, 06-4124, 06-4399

Kholyavskiy v. Mukasey

Administrative Law, Immigration Law
In an immigration case, petition for review of a BIA order denying asylum, withholding of removal, and relief under the Convention Against Torture is...
08/28/2008 07-1020

Duthie v. Matria Healthcare, Inc.

Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Health Law, M&A, Remedies
In a suit arising out of alleged fraud by officers of a corporation acquired by defendant, a preliminary injunction preventing defendant from...
08/28/2008 08-1699

Ben-Yisrayl v. Buss

Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Habeas Corpus, Sentencing
In a murder case, denial of habeas relief is affirmed and limited grant of habeas relief is reversed where: 1) petitioner was not prejudiced by and...
08/28/2008 07-2151, 07-2281

Toliver v. McCaughtry

Criminal Law & Procedure, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Evidence, Habeas Corpus
In a first-degree murder case, denial of habeas relief on the basis of both ineffective assistance of counsel and a Brady claim is reversed and...
08/27/2008 06-3316

Bolante v. Mukasey

Administrative Law, Immigration Law
In an immigration case involving a former official of the Philippine government, petition for relief from a BIA judgment denying asylum and ordering...
08/27/2008 07-2550

Hong Kong Electro-Chemical Works, Ltd. v. Less

Debt Collection, International Trade
In a debt-collection action, denial of a motion to set aside plaintiffs' allegedly fraudulent conveyance of a house in order to avoid creditors is...
08/27/2008 07-1995
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