United States Sixth Circuit - April 2010 Opinion Summaries

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Gall v. Scroggy

United States Sixth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus, Health Law
In defendant's petition for habeas relief seeking an order mandating that the Commonwealth of Kentucky vacate his 1978 murder conviction and sentence...
04/29/2010 08-6553

La Quinta Corp. v. Heartland Properties LLC

United States Sixth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Remedies, Trademark
In an action alleging breach of a hotel franchise agreement and federal trademark infringement, judgment of the district court is affirmed where: 1)...
04/28/2010 08-6368

Reed-Bey v. Pramstaller

United States Sixth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
In an inmate's section 1983 suit against Michigan prison officials claiming he was denied adequate medical care in violation of his Eighth and...
04/28/2010 08-1774

Fieger v. Corrigan

United States Sixth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Government Law
In a suit brought by a trial attorney and politician, regarding an ongoing feud with several justices of the Michigan Supreme Court, seeking a...
04/28/2010 08-1122

US v. Woods

United States Sixth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
District court's imposition of a sentence of 108 months' imprisonment for a conviction on one count of manufacturing methamphetamine is vacated and...
04/27/2010 07-5463

Hooks v. Sheets

United States Sixth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus, Sentencing
In habeas proceedings, imposition of the same sentence upon a defendant following a remand for re-sentencing in light of State v. Foster, 845 N.E.2d...
04/27/2010 08-4549

Stanley v. Vining

United States Sixth Circuit
Constitutional Law
In a pro se prisoner's 28 U.S.C. section 1983 suit, claiming that a prison guard violated his constitutional rights by reading his "legal mail" and...
04/22/2010 08-2634

BDT Prod., Inc. v. Lexmark Int'l, Inc.

United States Sixth Circuit
Attorney's Fees, Civil Procedure, Sanctions, Trade Secrets
District court's grant of defendant's motion for attorney fees and imposition of sanctions arising from a grant of partial summary judgment in favor...
04/21/2010 08-6140

Estate of Smithers v. City of Flint

United States Sixth Circuit
Civil Rights, Criminal Law & Procedure, Injury & Tort Law
In plaintiffs' 42 U.S.C. sections 1983, 1985(2) and (3) suit against a city and two police officers in connection with the fatal shooting of an...
04/21/2010 09-1164

US v. Tristan-Madrigal

United States Sixth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
In a conviction of defendant for unauthorized entry from Mexico for the fourth time, district court's imposition of a thirty-six month, above...
04/20/2010 09-1003
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