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Andochick v. Byrd

United States Fourth Circuit
ERISA, Family Law, Insurance Law, Probate, Trusts & Estates
Plaintiff's ERISA preemption claim against the administrator of his deceased ex-wife's estate challenging a state court order requiring him to turn...
03/04/2013 12-1728

Municipal Association of South Carolina v. USAA General Indemnity Company

United States Fourth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Government Law, Insurance Law, Tax Law
District court's denial of defendants-insurance companies' motion for summary judgment in plaintiff's suit seeking declaration that municipalities are...
03/01/2013 11-2220

US v. Moore

United States Fourth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Judgment of conviction of carjacking and related charges is vacated and remanded where the district court erred in denying defendant's motion for a...
03/01/2013 11-5095

In re: ESA Environmental Specialists, Inc.

United States Fourth Circuit
Banking Law, Bankruptcy Law, Government Contracts
Summary judgment for defendant in challenge by Trustee to debtor's transfer of funds to defendant, who issued surety bonds relating to debtor's...
03/01/2013 11-2150
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