United States Fourth Circuit - March 2013 Opinion Summaries

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Calvary Christian Center v. City of Fredericksburg

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure
Denial of plaintiff's motion for leave to amend its complaint and denial of motion for reconsideration, which were filed after the court had dismissed...
03/15/2013 12-1119

Balas v. Huntington Ingalls Industries

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
Denial of relief on claims of discrimination, retaliation, and hostile work environment, brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42...
03/15/2013 12-1201

Georgia Pacific Consumer v. von Drehle Corporation

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property, Trademark
District court's judgment in favor of defendant in trademark infringement suit related to paper towel products, is vacated and remanded, where the...
03/14/2013 12-1444

MacDonald v. Moose

United States Fourth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus
District court's judgment of conviction of criminal solicitation to commit a felony predicated on Virginia's anti-sodomy statute is vacated and...
03/12/2013 11-7427

Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. v. Cary

United States Fourth Circuit
Banking Law, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Securities Law
Defendant investors are not "customers" of plaintiff within the meaning of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration provisions...
03/08/2013 12-1053

Francis v. Allstate Insurance Company

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Contracts, Injury & Tort Law, Insurance Law
Summary judgment for defendant on plaintiffs' action alleging defendant owed a duty under a renters insurance policy to defend and indemnify...
03/07/2013 12-1563

US v. Rangel-Castaneda

United States Fourth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing, Immigration Law
Because Tennessee’s statutory rape provision sets the age of consent at eighteen and is therefore significantly broader than the generic offense, a...
03/07/2013 12-4408

Helton v. AT&T Inc.

United States Fourth Circuit
Administrative Law, ERISA, Labor & Employment Law
Judgment for plaintiff against defendant-employer on ERISA claim alleging defendant unreasonably denied plaintiff's claim and failed to adequately...
03/06/2013 11-2153

Pashby v. Delia

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Class Actions, Government Benefits, Government Law, Health Law
District court's decision granting preliminary injunction and class certification to plaintiffs, North Carolina residents who lost access to in-home...
03/05/2013 11-2363

US v. Mann

United States Fourth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
District court's reduction of defendant's sentence for possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and distribution of powder cocaine,...
03/04/2013 12-6590
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