United States Fourth Circuit - January 2013 Opinion Summaries

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Bethel World Outreach v. Montgomery County Council

Constitutional Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Summary judgment for defendant-county on plaintiff's challenge to defendant's land use regulation, which prevented plaintiff from constructing a...
01/31/2013 11-2176

Mondragon v. Holder

Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Immigration Law
Petitions for review is denied, where: 1) the BIA's application of the modified categorical approach was appropriate to determine if petitioner was...
01/31/2013 11-2133

De'Lonta v. Johnson

Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law
District court's dismissal was in error because plaintiff's complaint states a plausible Eighth Amendment claim, where plaintiff, a prisoner and...
01/28/2013 11-7482

Tobey v. Jones

Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Transportation
In 1983 action alleging violations of plaintiffs' First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause rights when defendant-TSA agents...
01/25/2013 11-2230

Patel v. Napolitano

Administrative Law, Immigration Law
In action by federal inmate under 8 USC section 1503(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for a judgment declaring him a United States national,...
01/25/2013 11-6386

In re Application of US for Order Pursuant to 18 USC 2703(d)

Communications Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Cyberspace Law
Petition for mandamus brought by Subscribers whose Twitter records and other documents were obtained by the US pursuant to a request under the Stored...
01/25/2013 11-5151

Merzbacher v. Shearin

Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus
Habeas relief granted by the district court from a state court judgment of conviction for child rape and related crimes is reversed, where: 1) even if...
01/25/2013 10-7118

Stuart v. Huff

Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Health Law
In action challenging the constitutionality of a North Carolina statute that requires certain informed consent procedures prior to the performance of...
01/24/2013 12-1052

UBS Financial Services, Inc. v. Carilion Clinic

Banking Law, Contracts, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Injury & Tort Law, Securities Law
In declaratory judgment action brought in response to the initiation of arbitration related to advice rendered on issuance of bonds, the district...
01/23/2013 12-2066

US v. Allmendinger

Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
In appeal of conviction and sentence for several crimes relating to an investment scheme that resulted in nearly $100 million dollars in losses for...
01/23/2013 11-5162
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