United States Third Circuit - August 2006 Opinion Summaries

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Medina v. Diguglielmo

United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Habeas Corpus
An order granting habeas corpus relief to a state prisoner in a first degree murder case is reversed where petitioner failed to show that he was...
08/31/2006 05-3147

US v. DeMichael

United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Gaming Law, Sentencing
In circumstances where a defendant died after he filed a timely appeal from a sentence imposed as a result of his conviction on federal gambling...
08/29/2006 04-1936

E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Co. v. US

United States Third Circuit
Environmental Law, Government Law
In an action brought by owners and operators of industrial facilities contaminated with hazardous waste seeking a ruling that the government must...
08/29/2006 04-2096

Cetel v. Kirwan Fin. Group, Inc.

United States Third Circuit
Civil Procedure, Consumer Protection Law, ERISA, Health Law, Injury & Tort Law, Insurance Law, Labor & Employment Law, Tax Law
Summary judgment for defendants on civil RICO, ERISA, and state law claims brought by physicians and their professional corporations who purchased...
08/28/2006 04-3408, 05-1329, 05-1503, 05-1504

US v. Price

United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Defendant's convictions on drug and gun possession charges are affirmed over claims that the district court improperly: 1) allowed police officers to...
08/28/2006 05-2968

In re: Scarborough

United States Third Circuit
Banking Law, Bankruptcy Law, Debt Collection, Property Law & Real Estate
In the context of the anti-modification protection afforded in Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings by 11 U.S.C. section 1322(b)(2), a mortgage secured...
08/28/2006 04-4298

Jones v. Brown

United States Third Circuit
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Prisoners have an interest protected by the First Amendment in being present when their incoming legal mail is opened. New Jersey may not open...
08/24/2006 03-3823, 04-4426, 04-4493

US v. Yusuf

United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Government Law, International Law, White Collar Crime
Suppression of all evidence seized during the execution of certain search warrants, which effectively dismissed the government's case against...
08/24/2006 05-3484

US v. Cimera

United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, White Collar Crime
Grant of a motion for new trial pursuant to a claim of newly discovered evidence, following defendant's conviction for his participation in an illegal...
08/24/2006 05-2360

Seinfeld v. Becherer

United States Third Circuit
Corp. Governance, Corporation & Enterprise Law, Securities Law
Dismissal of a shareholder derivative suit contending that a corporation failed to make certain required disclosures in a proxy statement that...
08/24/2006 05-1321
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