United States Second Circuit - May 2016 Opinion Summaries

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Elliot v. City of Hartford

United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure
In a suit brought against a city by the estate of a victim who was murdered before she was scheduled to testify as a witness in a criminal trial, the...
05/19/2016 14-3633-cv

Nunez Pena v. Lynch

United States Second Circuit
Immigration Law, Administrative Law
In a petition for review of decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals affirming a decision of an Immigration Judge denying petitioner's...
05/19/2016 15-27-ag

US ex rel. Polansky v. Pfizer

United States Second Circuit
Consumer Protection Law, False Advertising, Drugs & Biotech
In an action brought under the False Claims Act (FCA) and state analog causes of action against plaintiff's former employer, alleging it improperly...
05/17/2016 14-4774

US Fidelity and Guaranty Co. v Fendi Adele S.R.L

United States Second Circuit
Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, False Advertising, Trademark
In an insurance coverage action involving a seller of merchandise, who was insured under defendant's liability insurance policy for damages it was...
05/17/2016 14-3435-cv, 14-3474-cv

US v. Kent

United States Second Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Sentence for guilty plea to wire fraud, enhanced due to finding that defendant was a leader or organizer of an "otherwise extensive" criminal scheme...
05/16/2016 14-2082-cr (L)

Apotex Inc., et al., v. Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
False Advertising, Drugs & Biotech, Antitrust & Trade Regulation
In a suit between rival manufacturers of tizanidine, a drug for treating spasticity, dealing with the circumstances under which the filing of a...
05/16/2016 14-4353-cv

Am. Psychiatric Ass’n v. Anthem Health Plans, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Insurance Law, Health Law, ERISA, Constitutional Law
In a suit brought by psychiatrists and professional associations against health-insurance companies, alleging defendants reimbursement practices...
05/13/2016 14-3993-cv

Taylor v. US

United States Second Circuit
Habeas Corpus, Criminal Law & Procedure
Denial of motion pursuant to 28 U.S.C. section 2255 to vacate petitioner's conviction and sentence for conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine, 21...
05/13/2016 15-827

Salazar v. King

United States Second Circuit
Class Actions, Education Law
In a putative class action brought by former students of a for‐profit beauty schools against the Department of Education (DOE), claiming that the...
05/12/2016 15-832-cv

Ritchie Capital Management v. GECC

United States Second Circuit
White Collar Crime, Injury & Tort Law
In an action alleging state law claims of civil conspiracy to commit fraud, aiding and abetting fraud, and negligence in connection with a Ponzi...
05/11/2016 15-2816-cv