United States Second Circuit - March 2012 Opinion Summaries

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NML Capital, Ltd. v. Republic of Argentina

United States Second Circuit
Banking Law, Commercial Law, International Law, International Trade
A judgment granting and confirming attachment and restraining orders against a bank account owned by an instrumentality of the Republic of Argentina...
03/30/2012 10-4450

Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A. v. LY USA, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Attorney's Fees, Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property, Trademark
In a suit alleging trademark counterfeiting and infringement, the judgment of the district court in favor of the plaintiff is affirmed, where: 1) the...
03/29/2012 08-4483

US v. Oyewumi

United States Second Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
In a prosecution for aggravated identity theft and making false statements, convictions and sentence are affirmed, where: 1) the convictions for...
03/29/2012 10-3427

Huang v. Holder

United States Second Circuit
Administrative Law, Immigration Law
In removal proceedings against a Chinese national who successfully applied for asylum before an immigration judge (IJ), a petition for review of the...
03/27/2012 10-1263

Macey v. Carolina Casualty Insurance Co.

United States Second Circuit
Contracts, Corp. Governance, Insurance Law
In a management liability insurance policy coverage dispute, the district court's grant of summary judgment to the insurer is vacated and the case...
03/23/2012 08-6067

Cuff v. Valley Central School District

United States Second Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Education Law
In a suit under 42 USC section 1983 by parents of an elementary school student, alleging that his First Amendment rights were violated when he was...
03/22/2012 10-2282

Bigio v. The Coca-Cola Co.

United States Second Circuit
Corp. Governance, Corporation & Enterprise Law, International Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In an action against two American corporations that in 1994 acquired an interest in an Egyptian corporation which allegedly wrongfully possesses...
03/19/2012 10-3607

SEC v. Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Banking Law, Civil Procedure, Securities Law
In a case in which the SEC charged a bank with negligent misrepresentation in the marketing of collateralized debt obligations, and the parties...
03/15/2012 11-5227

US v. Roccisano

United States Second Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing, Immigration Law
A 46-month sentence for a foreign national's illegal reentry into the United States is affirmed, where: 1) the district court did not err in assessing...
03/14/2012 10-5237

Brown v. City of Syracuse

United States Second Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Labor & Employment Law
In a suit by a former police officer against the city that employed him and certain police officers, alleging racial discrimination and disparate...
03/13/2012 10-0529