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United States First Circuit - August 2018 Opinion Summaries


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Narragansett Indian Tribe v. Rhode Island Department of Transportation

United States First Circuit
Construction, Government Law, Indian Law
Affirmed the dismissal of an Indian tribe's complaint against federal and Rhode Island agencies concerning a highway bridge reconstruction. The tribe...
08/30/2018 17-1951

Lemelson v. Bloomberg L.P.

United States First Circuit
Injury & Tort Law, Securities Law, Media Law
Affirmed the dismissal of a defamation suit brought by a hedge fund manager who claimed Bloomberg News falsely reported that he was being investigated...
08/30/2018 17-1620

Campbell v. Ackerman

United States First Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law
Affirmed a take-nothing judgment in an action alleging mainly that a law enforcement officer unconstitutionally used excessive force while executing a...
08/29/2018 17-1927

Aguilar-de Guillen v. Sessions

United States First Circuit
Immigration Law
Denied an undocumented immigrant's petition for review of a decision ordering her removed from the United States. The El Salvador national sought...
08/27/2018 17-2095

Gustavsen v. Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

United States First Circuit
Consumer Protection Law, Health Law, Drugs & Biotech
Affirmed the dismissal of a consumer complaint alleging that manufacturers of prescription eye drops deliberately designed their bottles to emit...
08/27/2018 17-2066

US v. Rivera-Berrios

United States First Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed a district court’s decision regarding sentencing in a case where the defendant plead guilty to illegal possession of a firearm and was...
08/24/2018 17-1212

Harry v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.

United States First Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Banking Law
Affirmed the dismissal of a homeowners' action to void a mortgage and enjoin their property's foreclosure sale. The lenders argued that the homeowners...
08/23/2018 16-2380

Richard v. Regional School Unit 57

United States First Circuit
Education Law, Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
Held that a school did not unlawfully retaliate against a kindergarten teacher for her advocacy on behalf of students with disabilities. The teacher...
08/21/2018 17-2200

United Food and Commercial Workers Unions v. Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp.

United States First Circuit
Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Health Law, Drugs & Biotech
Affirmed the dismissal of two putative antitrust class actions alleging that a pharmaceutical company took steps to block the entry of generic...
08/21/2018 17-1714

Boudreau v. Lussier

United States First Circuit
Labor & Employment Law, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law
Held that a man who was convicted of possession of child pornography based on images found on his work computer could not proceed with his lawsuit...
08/21/2018 16-1049
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