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United States First Circuit - October 2017 Opinion Summaries


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Keane v. HSBC Bank USA

United States First Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Civil Procedure, Ethics & Professional Responsibility
In a civil procedure action, the district court's dismissal of plaintiff's case after his attorney failed to appear at a scheduled motion hearing is...
10/31/2017 16-1045

Puerto Rico Telephone Co. v. San Juan Cable

United States First Circuit
Public Utilities, Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Government Law
In an antitrust action, alleging that defendant's petitioning of the Puerto Rico Telecommunications Regulatory Board, government officials and...
10/31/2017 16-2132

Saunders v. Town of Hull

United States First Circuit
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
In a civil rights action brought by plaintiff police officer, alleging retaliation in failing to promote him after he reported $130,000 of missing...
10/27/2017 17-1174

US v. Levin

United States First Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
In a criminal law action, the district court's grant of defendant's motion to suppress evidence retrieved from his computer using a network...
10/27/2017 16-1567

Aguilar-Escoto v. Sessions

United States First Circuit
Immigration Law
In an immigration action, the Board of Immigration Appeals' order rejecting petitioner's withholding of removal claim, predicated upon alleged...
10/27/2017 16-1090

US v. Latorre-Cacho

United States First Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Vacating a conviction for a single count of conspiracy in violation of the Rackateer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act because the...
10/25/2017 15-1295P.01A

Insurance Brokers West, Inc. v. Liquid Outcome, LLC

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Contracts
Affirming the district court dismissal of a claim for breach of contract because the courts agreed that there was no chance that the plaintiff would...
10/23/2017 17-1372P.01A

US v. Peake

United States First Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming the district court's decision not to grant a new trial based on new evidence following the conviction of a man for an antitrust conspiracy...
10/23/2017 16-2356P.01A

US v. Torres-Rivera

United States First Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Vacating the denial of a motion to reduce sentence because it appeared from the record that the district court may have been led to believe that the...
10/23/2017 15-2024P.01A

Andrews v. Target Pharmacy

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law
Affirming the entry of an order of summary judgment against the defendant in a case where there were multiple deadline extensions granted to submit...
10/23/2017 16-2160U.01A
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