Supreme Court of Texas - December 2008 Opinion Summaries

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Southwestern Bell Tel. Co., L.P. v. Mitchell

Supreme Court of Texas
Labor & Employment Law, Workers' Compensation
In a worker's compensation claim, grant of summary judgment in favor of respondent-decedent is reversed where: 1) the rule announced in Continental...
12/19/2008 050171

Gardner v. U.S. Imagin, Inc.

Supreme Court of Texas
Injury & Tort Law
In a health care liability suit brought against defendant-owner and operator of medical facility, petition to review decision finding expert report to...
12/19/2008 080268

In the Matter of Rolando Caballero

Supreme Court of Texas
Criminal Law & Procedure, Ethics & Disciplinary Code, Ethics & Professional Responsibility
In indictment for wire fraud and mail fraud against attorney, judgment of disbarment is affirmed where: 1) the Board of Disciplinary Appeals (BODA)...
12/19/2008 070484

In re Reza Zandi

Supreme Court of Texas
Civil Procedure, Habeas Corpus
In a supplemental opinion on rehearing, petition for writ of habeas corpus requesting motion for rehearing is denied where respondent's suspension...
12/19/2008 070919

Dallas Area Rapid Transit v. Amalgamated Transit Union Local No. 1338

Supreme Court of Texas
Civil Procedure, Government Law, Labor & Employment Law
In general grievance over wages and benefits, lower court finding that the petitioner-public transportation authority was immune from suit is reversed...
12/19/2008 060034

In re GlobalSantaFe Corp.

Supreme Court of Texas
Admiralty, Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law, Labor & Employment Law
In an employee's suit alleging injuries from exposure to asbestos and silica while working on a vessel, petition for writ of mandamus directing the...
12/05/2008 07-0040

In re Gen. Elec. Co.

Supreme Court of Texas
Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law, Labor & Employment Law
In a mesothelioma suit alleging liability on the part of asbestos producers, petition for writ of mandamus reversing the denial of defendants' motions...
12/05/2008 07-0195

Texas Dep't of Transp. v. York

Supreme Court of Texas
Government Law, Injury & Tort Law, Transportation
In a wrongful death suit arising from a car skidding across loose gravel allegedly left behind by a state highway crew, jury verdict for plaintiff is...
12/05/2008 07-0743

AutoZone, Inc. v. Reyes

Supreme Court of Texas
Civil Rights, Elder Law, Labor & Employment Law
(Industry: Retail)

In an age-discrimination suit, jury verdict for plaintiff is reversed where: 1) the statements of a store manager were not evidence that age was a...
12/05/2008 07-0773
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