Supreme Court of Texas - May 2005 Opinion Summaries

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Battaglia v. Alexander

Supreme Court of Texas
Health Law, Injury & Tort Law
A directed verdict in favor of a physician in his individual capacity does not foreclose the physician's professional association from liability for...
05/27/2005 02-0701

In Re Nexion Health

Supreme Court of Texas

Health Law, Constitutional Law, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
05/27/2005 04-0360

Frost Nat'l Bank v. L & F Distrib.

Supreme Court of Texas

05/27/2005 04-0074

Michiana Easy Livin' Country, Inc. v. Holten

Supreme Court of Texas
Civil Procedure
A suit cannot be brought in Texas based on a nonresident's alleged misrepresentations in a telephone call with a Texas resident.
05/27/2005 04-0016

Matagorda County Appraisal Dist. v. Coastal Liquids Partners

Supreme Court of Texas
Property Law & Real Estate, Tax Law
Salt dome caverns created to store liquid hydrocarbons may be appraised and taxed separately from the surface land above them.
05/27/2005 03-1200

Powell v. Hon. Judge Earl Stover

Supreme Court of Texas
Family Law
In a child-custody case, Texas is not the child's "home state" since he lived in Tennessee with his parents for at least six consecutive months...
05/27/2005 03-1154

Van Indep. Sch. Dist. v. McCarty

Supreme Court of Texas
Administrative Law, Labor & Employment Law
In a wrongful termination action, plaintiff-employee's claim should have been dismissed since he failed to exhaust his administrative remedies.
05/27/2005 03-1123

Browning v. Prostok

Supreme Court of Texas
Bankruptcy Law
Plaintiffs' claim that defendant intentionally undervalued the debtor during bankruptcy proceedings cannot be maintained in state court years after...
05/27/2005 03-0784

Romero v. KPH Consolidation, Inc.

Supreme Court of Texas
Civil Procedure, Evidence, Health Law, Injury & Tort Law
In a negligence action against a hospital, a jury verdict in favor of plaintiff is reversed where it was error to allow the jury to consider alleged...
05/27/2005 03-0497

Excess Underwriters v. Franks's Casing Crew

Supreme Court of Texas
Insurance Law
Excess insurance carriers that settled third-party claims against their insured are entitled to recoup the settlement payments from their insured when...
05/27/2005 02-0730
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