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Court of Appeals of New York - January 2014 Opinion Summaries

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New Surfside Nursing Home, LLC v. Daines

Court of Appeals of New York
Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Health Law
Petitioners' challenges to the audit results of its nursing facility are untimely, as this action was not commenced within four months after...
01/21/2014 86 SSM 42

People v. Cortez

Court of Appeals of New York
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Defendant's conviction for murder is affirmed, where he raises no error warranting a reversal of his conviction.
01/21/2014 225

People v. Beaty

Court of Appeals of New York
Criminal Law & Procedure
The Appellate Division's order granting defendant's attorney's motion to be relieved as counsel is reversed and remanded, where at the time the motion...
01/16/2014 84 SSM 27

In the Matter of the Estate of Nealon

Court of Appeals of New York
Probate, Trusts & Estates
The Appellate Division correctly determined that the issue whether a confidential relationship existed should have been submitted to the jury.
01/09/2014 60 SSM 36

Doe v. Guthrie Clinic, Ltd.

Court of Appeals of New York
Health Law, Injury & Tort Law
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals' question is answered as follows: under New York law, the common law right of action for breach of the fiduciary...
01/09/2014 224
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