Appellate Court of Illinois - June 2008 Opinion Summaries

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In re Marriage of O'Daniel

Appellate Court of Illinois
Family Law
A post judgment order in September 2006 modifying the terms of the April 1995 judgment dissolving the marriage at issue and a post judgment order in...
06/06/2008 4-07-0250

Newton Tractor Sales, Inc. v. Kubota Tractor Corp.

Appellate Court of Illinois

Summary judgment for the defendants and an order granting motion for court appearance fees but denying deposition transcription fees and deposition...
06/06/2008 5-06-0087

Johnson v. First Banks, Inc.

Appellate Court of Illinois
Banking Law, Class Actions
Dismissal of class action suit for lack of standing to bring a suit for wrongful dishonor pursuant to section 4-402 of the Uniform Commercial Code and...
06/06/2008 5-06-0646

In re John N.

Appellate Court of Illinois
Health Law
An order subjecting petitioner to emergency involuntary admission to a mental health facility and denying a petition for discharge are affirmed where:...
06/05/2008 3-06-0512

People v. Garstecki

Appellate Court of Illinois
Criminal Law & Procedure
A conviction for driving while under the influence of alcohol is affirmed over claim of error regarding: 1) the court's refusal to permit defendant's...
06/04/2008 3-07-0259

Wigginton v. Dell, Inc

Appellate Court of Illinois
Class Actions, Contracts, Cyberspace Law, Injury & Tort Law
An order striking a prohibition on class arbitration and compelling arbitration in a suit seeking damages for defendant's refusal to honor rebates...
06/04/2008 5-07-0076

Thornton v. Garcini

Appellate Court of Illinois
Injury & Tort Law
Denial of defendant's motion for a judgment notwithstanding the verdict and request for setoff is affirmed in a claim for wrongful death, survival and...
06/04/2008 3-07-0326

People v. Winford

Appellate Court of Illinois
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
A conviction and sentence for possession of cocaine is affirmed over claims of error regarding the state's failure to prove defendant possessed...
06/04/2008 1-05-3785

American Econ. Ins. Co. v. DePaul Univ.

Appellate Court of Illinois
Injury & Tort Law, Insurance Law
Declaratory judgment holding that plaintiff, insurer for the defendant's electrical subcontract, had a duty to defend defendant as an additional...
06/03/2008 1-05-4027

People v. Rosenthal

Appellate Court of Illinois
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
A conviction for felony murder predicated on aggravated battery with a firearm is reversed where the same act that formed the basis of the predicate...
06/03/2008 1-05-4085