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California Court of Appeal - July 2019 Opinion Summaries

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Center for Bio-Ethical Reform v. The Irvine Co.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law
Reversed judgment as to prohibition on grisly or gruesome displays. Appeals court directed trial court to amend judgment declaring prohibition on...
07/02/2019 G055842

People v. Wright

California Court of Appeal
Sentencing, Cyberspace Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed order granting probation with amendments. Defendant admitted to acquiring personal identifying information with intent to defraud. The trial...
07/02/2019 C082729

People v. Native Wholesale Supply Co

California Court of Appeal
Indian Law, Commercial Law, Attorney's Fees
Affirmed. Defendant, a New York based Indian-chartered corporation, sold over a billion contraband cigarettes to an Indian tribe in California. Trial...
07/02/2019 C084031

People v Brackins

California Court of Appeal
Judges & Judiciary, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed. Defendant was convicted of aggravated assault on former cohabitant, attempting to dissuade a witness and misdemeanor vandalism. On appeal,...
07/02/2019 H043584

People v. Jacobo

California Court of Appeal
Sentencing, Cyberspace Law
Affirmed judgment, but remanded for sentencing on certain counts. Defendant convicted of 60 sex offenses, including human trafficking, contacting a...
07/02/2019 D074887

Thee Aguila v. Century Law Group

California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Asset Forfeiture, Landlord Tenant Law
Affirmed trial court’s judgment and order denying Plaintiff’s motion for new trial. Defendants were tenants of a commercial property that was subject...
07/02/2019 B289452

J.B.B. Investment Partners v. Fair

California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Civil Procedure
Affirmed. Sanctions ordered for bringing frivolous appeal. Plaintiff filed suit alleging breach of settlement agreement and the trial court granted...
07/02/2019 A152877

Cavalry SPV I, LLC v. Watkins

California Court of Appeal
Debt Collection, Consumer Protection Law
In a debt collection action, the court found that Defendant was liable for the debt, but found that the trial court erred by awarding Plaintiff...
07/01/2019 D072299

People v Weaver

California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Reversed and remanded for determination whether Defendant should be granted diversion under Penal Code sec. 1001.36. Defendant argued that there...
07/01/2019 H045301
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