California Court of Appeal - March 2019 Opinion Summaries

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People v. Castellano

California Court of Appeal
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed a drug conviction but remanded to give the defendant an opportunity to present evidence demonstrating his inability to pay the fines and fees...
03/26/2019 B286317

Marriage of Oliverez

California Court of Appeal
Family Law
In a marital dissolution case, held that a particular piece of real estate was community property. Reversed the judgment below.
03/25/2019 H044451

People v. Castillero

California Court of Appeal
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Vacated a juvenile's sentence for sexual offenses. Remanded with directions to refer the case for a new juvenile fitness/transfer hearing in light of...
03/25/2019 H044944

Salgado v. Carrows Restaurants Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Labor & Employment Law
Addressed whether an arbitration agreement could be enforced, given that it was signed only after the employee filed her employment discrimination...
03/25/2019 B285756

Boling v. Public Employment Relations Board

California Court of Appeal
Government Law, ERISA, Labor & Employment Law
Addressed the remedy to be imposed against the City of San Diego for violating meet and confer obligations. The mayor had advanced a pension reform...
03/25/2019 D069626

Grossman v. Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

California Court of Appeal
Injury & Tort Law, Education Law
Held that a man could not proceed with his negligence claims against a school district. He suffered serious injuries when he fell off a 27-foot-tall...
03/25/2019 B283956

Zakk v. Diesel

California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Entertainment Law
Revived a film producer's claim that he had an enforceable oral contract entitling him to an executive-producer credit for a film that was a sequel to...
03/25/2019 B284432

In re Charlotte C.

California Court of Appeal
Juvenile Law
Held that a juvenile court in a dependency proceeding had the authority to release certain material to a minor's attorney. The attorney sought...
03/25/2019 D074022

South of Market Community Action Network v. City and County of San Francisco

California Court of Appeal
Environmental Law, Construction
Held that citizen groups could not proceed with their challenge to the environmental review conducted for a proposed mixed-use development project in...
03/25/2019 A151521

Nieto v. Fresno Beverage Co., Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Transportation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Labor & Employment Law
Held that a former delivery driver for a beverage company did not have to arbitrate his wage-and-hour lawsuit. His case fell within a statutory...
03/22/2019 F074704