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California Court of Appeal - February 2019 Opinion Summaries

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Perez v. County of Monterey

California Court of Appeal
Property Law & Real Estate, Constitutional Law, Agriculture
Upheld the constitutionality of a county ordinance limiting the number of roosters that can be kept on a property without a permit. The plaintiffs...
02/14/2019 H044364

Jimenez-Sanchez v. Dark Horse Express, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Class Actions, Labor & Employment Law
Held that the trial court erred in denying class certification to truck drivers bringing wage and hour claims against their employer. Reversed and...
02/14/2019 F072599

Fudge v. City of Laguna Beach

California Court of Appeal
Environmental Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Affirmed a mootness ruling in a dispute between two neighbors over the proposed demolition of a Laguna Beach house and its replacement with a new...
02/13/2019 G055711

People v. Becerra

California Court of Appeal
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Dismissed a criminal defendant's appeal concerning custody credits. Held that his claim was barred because it fell within the scope of his appellate...
02/11/2019 H045600

People v. Fuimaono

California Court of Appeal
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Dismissed the appeal of a defendant convicted of assault with a firearm. He sought to be resentenced in light of recently enacted Senate Bill No. 620.
02/08/2019 C087336

Jackson v. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure
Held that there was no basis to vacate the voluntary dismissal of the plaintiff's discrimination lawsuit, even though California provides a right to...
02/08/2019 A150833

Save Lafayette Trees v. City of Lafayette

California Court of Appeal
Environmental Law, Public Utilities
In an amended opinion, revived a citizen group's claim that a city violated the California Environmental Quality Act when it authorized a utility...
02/08/2019 A154168

Anderson v. Shiomoto

California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Transportation
Upheld the Department of Motor Vehicles' refusal to lift a motorist's license suspension, which had been imposed based on evidence that he had a...
02/08/2019 E069398

Sunrise Financial, LLC v. Superior Court (Overland Direct, Inc.)

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Judges & Judiciary
Held that defendants did not timely file a motion seeking to disqualify the trial judge based on alleged prejudice against them. Affirmed the denial...
02/07/2019 D073772

In re marriage of Ciprari

California Court of Appeal
Family Law
In a marital dissolution proceeding, resolved issues involving child and spousal support awards, division of assets and other matters.
02/06/2019 B272039
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