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In re Richards

California Court of Appeal
Habeas Corpus, Evidence, Criminal Law & Procedure
In a petition for writ of habeas corpus relief from a conviction of murder, the petition is granted, where under the 2014 legislative revision of...
05/26/2016 S223651

Doe v. Roman Catholic Archbishop

California Court of Appeal
Injury & Tort Law, Civil Procedure, Insurance Law
In a suit involving plaintiffs, who were allegedly molested by a Catholic Church monsignor, who allegedly lavished them with meals, clothes, travel...
05/26/2016 B264947

People v. Nice

California Court of Appeal
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
In an appeal of defendants' convictions on drug and weapon related charges following the denial of their motion to suppress the evidence uncovered...
05/26/2016 H041847

People v. Lehman

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
In a case in which defendant was convicted of dozens of of sex offenses against his granddaughters, the trial court's restitution award of $1 million...
05/25/2016 A144800

People ex rel. Harris v. Delta Air Lines

California Court of Appeal
Transportation, Cyberspace Law, Consumer Protection Law
In a lawsuit filed by the People, on behalf of the State of California, under the unfair competition law (UCL), Bus. and Prof. Code section 17200 et....
05/25/2016 A139238

Jackson v. Superior Court

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure
In a petition action, in which petitioner contends he cannot be lawfully confined in connection with a case because he has already exceeded the...
05/25/2016 E064010

People v. Cornejo

California Court of Appeal

Three defendants' convictions of second-degree murder, Pen. Code section 187, attempted murder, sections 664/187, and shooting at an inhabited...
05/25/2016 C072053

Charton v. Harkey

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees
In an action for attorney's fees, the trial court's determination defendant was a prevailing party entitled to recover costs as a matter of right is...
05/25/2016 G050514

County of Los Angeles v. Financial Casualty & Surety, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Insurance Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
In a bail bond forfeiture case, the trial court's denial of the motion by bail bond company defendant to vacate forfeiture and exonerate bond, and...
05/25/2016 B260373

People v. Vasquez

California Court of Appeal
Evidence, Criminal Law & Procedure
Defendants' convictions of multiple offenses with related enhancements, arising out of their gang-related assaults on strangers in a business parking...
05/25/2016 C071195
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