California Court of Appeal - January 2016 Opinion Summaries

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Speirs v. Bluefire Ethanol Fuels, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Corporation & Enterprise Law, Contracts
In a suit brought by plaintiffs who held warrants, i.e. options to buy stock at a particular price by a particular date, issued by defendant, alleging...
01/12/2016 G048698

People v. Superior Court (Rangel)

California Court of Appeal
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
In the People's petition for extraordinary relief challenging an order declining to place real party in interest on community supervision, Pen. Code...
01/12/2016 E061292

Kelly v. Orr

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Probate, Trusts & Estates
In a suit brought by a trustee against lawyers and a law firm for professional negligence in relation to legal advice they provided to his predecessor...
01/11/2016 D067735

People v. Verducci

California Court of Appeal
Evidence, Criminal Law & Procedure
Conviction of first degree murder, Pen. Code section 187(a), is affirmed over defendant's claims that the he trial court abused its discretion and...
01/11/2016 A140040

Clark v. McCann

California Court of Appeal
Elections, Government Law
In an action challenging 12 uncounted ballots in a close race for city council, concerning the handling of provisional ballots where the voter does...
01/11/2016 D067918

Marriage of Peterson

California Court of Appeal
Family Law
When one spouse contributes to Social Security, which according to federal law is a spouse's separate property, and the other spouse participates in a...
01/11/2016 B259322

Gray & Jimenez v. Jewish Federation of Palm Springs

California Court of Appeal
Probate, Trusts & Estates
In an action brought by the sole net income beneficiary of a trust against remainder beneficiaries of the trust, involving issues of accounting and...
01/08/2016 E059761

People v. Ortiz

California Court of Appeal
Denial of petition for resentencing under Proposition 47 for conviction of theft of a car, Penal Code section 10851, is affirmed without prejudice,...
01/08/2016 H042062

In re A.A.

California Court of Appeal
Juvenile Law
In an action brought by a former dependent of the juvenile court for violations of Penal Code section 288(a), lewd or lascivious acts with a child...
01/07/2016 B262556

In re F.S.

California Court of Appeal
Family Law
Juvenile court's removal order and sustainment of section 387 petition are affirmed where the evidence was sufficient to support removal from custody,...
01/07/2016 B260760