California Court of Appeal - July 2014 Opinion Summaries

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People v. Hernandez

Criminal Law & Procedure
Defendant's conviction of having committed vandalism causing less than $400 in damages, committed for the benefit of a criminal street gang, is...
07/29/2014 G049024

People v. Leonard

Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing, Evidence
Defendants' convictions of two counts each of pimping, two counts each of pandering and one count each of assault by means of force likely to produce...
07/29/2014 D062660

People v. Redd

Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Defendant-inmate's convictions of conspiracy to commit the crime of communicating with a prisoner without permission and conspiracy to pervert or...
07/28/2014 F065225

Templeton Action Commitee v. County of San Luis Obispo

Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Corporation & Enterprise Law, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Dismissal of an action challenging defendant-county's decision to allow a development is affirmed, where: 1) the developer, an indispensable party,...
07/28/2014 B251788

St. Croix v. Superior Court

Evidence, Government Law
In an action brought under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) to obtain documents pertaining to the development of certain commission...
07/28/2014 A140308

People v. Castillo

Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Defendant's convictions of possessing methamphetamine for sale and being a felon in possession of a firearm are affirmed, where the trial court did...
07/28/2014 D063266

Citizens Opposing A Dangerous Environment v. County of Kern

Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
The trial court properly denied a petition for writ of mandate challenging defendant-county's certification of a final environmental impact report...
07/25/2014 F067567

In re J.G.

Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Juvenile Law
The juvenile court's order finding that defendant-minor committed felony possession of a concealed firearm is reversed and remanded, where: 1) under...
07/25/2014 A139869

Lowe v. Superior Court (People)

Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
The trial court did not err in denying petitioner's petition for resentencing under the Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012, where: 1) prior dismissal of...
07/25/2014 C073942

Town of Atherton v. Cal. High-Speed Rail Authority

Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Public Utilities, Transportation
In a challenge to the revised final program environmental impact report/environmental impact statement (PEIR/EIS) and the approval of the Pacheco Pass...
07/24/2014 C070877
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