California Court of Appeal - February 2014 Opinion Summaries

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Meyers v. Board of Administration for the Federated City Employees

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Government Benefits, Government Law, Labor & Employment Law, Workers' Compensation
Judgment in favor of defendant-Board in plaintiff's action challenging defendant's denial of his application for disability benefits is reversed and...
02/28/2014 H038351

People v. Franklin

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing, Evidence
Defendant's conviction of first degree murder and sentence to a mandatory term of 50 years to life in prison is affirmed, where: 1) the trial court...
02/28/2014 A135607

City of Oakland v. Oakland Police & Fire Retirement System

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Contracts, Government Benefits, Labor & Employment Law
Judgment in favor of plaintiff-city in an action to determine how retirement benefits are calculated for members of defendant Oakland Police and Fire...
02/28/2014 A136769

In re Rainey

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus, Sentencing, Juvenile Law
Miller v. Alabama, which holds that mandatory life imprisonment without parole (LWOP) for those under the age of 18 at the time of their crimes...
02/28/2014 A138921

Mata v. PG & E

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law, Public Utilities
Dismissal of plaintiff's negligence claims against defendant PG&E and defendant tree company, alleging that their negligence in the maintenance of...
02/28/2014 A138568

Tower Lane Properties v. City of Los Angeles

California Court of Appeal
Construction, Environmental Law, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
The trial court's order that defendant-city to clear a grading permit condition requiring that plaintiff have a tentative tract map approved by a city...
02/28/2014 B244092

Moriarty v. Laramar Management Corp.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Injury & Tort Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In an action arising out of defendant's alleged wrongful eviction of plaintiff, the trial court did not err in denying defendant's anti-SLAPP motion...
02/26/2014 A137608

Vollaro v. Lispi

California Court of Appeal
Evidence, Injury & Tort Law
Judgment in favor of plaintiff for damages sustained in an automobile accident is: 1) affirmed in part, where the trial court did not err in its...
02/26/2014 B242544

Yesson v. S.F. Municipal Transportation Agency

California Court of Appeal
Probate, Trusts & Estates, Property Law & Real Estate, Transportation
The trial court's order denying plaintiff's petition for an order determining that she, as the trustee of her father's trust, had the right to sell...
02/26/2014 A136257

Johnson v. Prasad

California Court of Appeal
Injury & Tort Law
In a wrongful death negligence action arising out of the drowning of a four year old child, summary judgment for defendant-homeowners is reversed and...
02/25/2014 C073052
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