California Court of Appeal - September 2013 Opinion Summaries

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People v. Snow

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing, White Collar Crime
Defendant forfeited his argument that he is unable to pay the $736 presentence investigation report fee and the $164 per month probation supervision...
09/23/2013 C068833

Alexander v. Farmers Insurance Company, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Class Actions, Contracts, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Insurance Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In a class action lawsuit alleging that defendant-insurers engaged in illegal adjusting practices, and particularly failed to comply with the method...
09/23/2013 B239840

People v. Aguilar

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
Judgment entered following defendant's felony domestic violence conviction, which included various fees, including attorney fees, is affirmed, where...
09/20/2013 A135516

Comunidad en Accion v. Los Angeles City Council

California Court of Appeal
Civil Rights, Environmental Law, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Judgment for defendant-city in a challenge to the approval of waste facilities in Sun Valley where plaintiff alleges its predominately Latino...
09/20/2013 B240554

HM DG, Inc. v. Amini

California Court of Appeal
Construction, Contracts, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
The trial court's denial of defendant's motion to compel arbitration in an action to recover allegedly unpaid progress payments under a construction...
09/20/2013 B242540

California Grocers Association v. Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Commercial Law
(Industry: Food & Beverage)

In a challenge to an administrative advisory issued by defendant that interprets Business and Professions Code section 23394.7 as providing that "no...
09/19/2013 C070007

Chavez v. Indymac Mortgage Services

California Court of Appeal
Banking Law, Contracts, Property Law & Real Estate
Judgment entered for defendant-lender in an action alleging breach of contract and wrongful foreclosure, is reversed and remanded, where: 1)...
09/19/2013 D061997

Las Vegas Land and Development Company, LLC v. Wilkie Way, LLC

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Contracts, Property Law & Real Estate
The mandatory provision of California Code of Civil Procedure section 473(b) does not apply to summary judgments, and therefore, the trial judge did...
09/19/2013 B238921

EHP Glendale, LLC v. County of Los Angeles

California Court of Appeal
Property Law & Real Estate, Tax Law
Judgment for defendant-county on plaintiff's action for a property tax refund is affirmed, where substantial evidence supported the decision of...
09/18/2013 B244494

Natkin v. California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Government Benefits, Labor & Employment Law
The trial court properly denied the petition for a writ of mandate and administrative mandate which sought to direct defendant to vacate its decision...
09/18/2013 B241949
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