California Court of Appeal - April 2013 Opinion Summaries

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Heritage Pacific Financial, LLC v. Monroy

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Banking Law, Contracts, Debt Collection, Injury & Tort Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Summary adjudication and award of attorney's fees to defendant borrower on her Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) cross-claims against...
04/25/2013 A135274

Taxpayers for Accountable School Bond Spending v. San Diego Unified School District

California Court of Appeal
Education Law, Environmental Law, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate, Tax Law
Judgment for defendant in action arising out of Proposition S and defendant's approval of installation of new stadium field lighting and other...
04/25/2013 D060999

Breceda v. Superior Court (People)

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Because the office of the district attorney withheld exculpatory evidence from the grand jury, thus causing prejudice to petitioners, the five counts...
04/25/2013 B244574

Khani v. Ford Motor Company

California Court of Appeal
Consumer Protection Law, Ethics & Professional Responsibility
(Industry: Autos)

Order disqualifying plaintiff's counsel on the ground that counsel previously had defended defendant in lemon law cases is reversed, where: 1) the...
04/25/2013 B239611

People v. Fuquay

California Court of Appeal
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Health Law
Order extending defendant's commitment to a state mental hospital for the fifth time is affirmed, where: 1) defendant cannot satisfy his burden to...
04/25/2013 H037195

Brown v. Mid-Century Insurance Company

California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Insurance Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Summary judgment in favor of defendant insurance company on plaintiffs' claims for breach of contract and breach of the implied covenant of good faith...
04/24/2013 B239357

People v. Blackburn

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Health Law
Order extending defendant's commitment to a state hospital as a Mentally Disordered Offender (MDO) is affirmed, where: 1) the jury trial waiver...
04/23/2013 H037207

Ramirez v. Balboa Thrift and Loan

California Court of Appeal
Class Actions, Commercial Law, Consumer Protection Law, Contracts, Injury & Tort Law
(Industry: Autos)

The trial court's order denying plaintiff's motion to certify a class on her unfair competition claim (UCL) alleging defendant violated the...
04/22/2013 D060057

County of Sacramento v. WCAB

California Court of Appeal
Injury & Tort Law, Labor & Employment Law, Workers' Compensation
An award by the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (Board) is annulled and remanded, where the factual basis of the evaluator's opinion, as revealed...
04/22/2013 C067739

Mendoza v. Hamzeh

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law
Order denying defendant's anti-SLAPP motion and requiring him to pay plaintiff's attorney fees under Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16 is...
04/22/2013 B239245