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In re David R.

California Court of Appeal
Family Law, Juvenile Law
In appeal from orders declaring Father's son David a dependent of the court and removing him from Father's custody, the jurisdictional and...
12/31/2012 B239629

Young v. CBS Broad., Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Constitutional Law, Injury & Tort Law
In plaintiff's suit against CBS Broadcasting, Inc. for defamation, the trial court's decision, granting in part and denying in part, defendant's...
12/28/2012 C064567

Swissmex-Rapid S.A. v. SP Systems, LLC

California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Trial court's judgment confirming an arbitration award in favor of plaintiff is affirmed where: 1) section 9 of the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) is...
12/28/2012 B238054

People v. Shazier

California Court of Appeal

Trial court's involuntary civil commitment order adjudging the defendant a sexually violent predator under the Sexually Violent Predators Act is...
12/27/2012 H035423

People v. Schoop

California Court of Appeal
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
Trial court's denial of defendant's petition for a certificate of rehabilitation, seeking to terminate his duty to register as a sex offender, is...
12/27/2012 A134793

People v. Spence

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Defendant's convictions for sexual offenses against a child 10 years old or younger and other related crimes are affirmed where: 1) the rules and...
12/27/2012 D059463

Williamson v. Mazda Motor of Am., Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law, Product Liability
In plaintiffs' product liability action against Mazda Motor of America, alleging defective shoulder belt, trial court's grant of defendant's renewed...
12/26/2012 G046769

People v. Torres

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
In a conviction of a defendant for substance-related crimes, trial court's denial of presentence credits is remanded for a calculation and award of...
12/24/2012 A133729

People v. Holmes

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Defendant's conviction for murder and burglary-related crimes are affirmed where contrary to defendant's contention that his right to confrontation...
12/24/2012 B222971

Cussler v. Crusader Entm't, LLC

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Civil Procedure, Contracts, Entertainment Law
In a suit for breach of contract involving an option to purchase film rights to a literary novel, the judgment of the trial court is affirmed where:...
12/21/2012 B230770
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