California Court of Appeal - August 2010 Opinion Summaries

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Ted Jacob Eng'g Group, Inc. v. Ratcliff Architects

California Court of Appeal
Construction, Contracts, Remedies
In a subcontractor's suit against defendant-architects for breach of contract and other causes of action in connection with a city hospital renovation...
08/23/2010 A122932

People v. Russell

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
Conviction of defendant for first-degree murder, evading an officer and causing serious bodily injury or death, residential burglary, and vehicle...
08/23/2010 D054408

People v. Moore

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Conviction of defendant for second degree murder, vehicular manslaughter, and related crimes is affirmed where: 1) a properly instructed jury found...
08/23/2010 B215307

Morton v. Thousand Oaks Surgical Hosp.

California Court of Appeal
Health Law, Injury & Tort Law, Professional Malpractice
In plaintiffs' suit against a hospital and physicians alleging a cause of action for negligent infliction of emotional distress (NEID), arising from...
08/23/2010 B212585

Gutierrez v. California Commerce Club, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Class Actions, Labor & Employment Law
In plaintiffs' putative class action lawsuit against California Commerce Club, Inc. (Club), claiming that they and other similarly situated members of...
08/23/2010 B212062

People v. Miller

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Following a jury conviction of defendant of sexual penetration of a minor, trial court's grant of defendant's motion for a new trial is reversed...
08/20/2010 E049206

Purdum v. Holmes

California Court of Appeal
Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Injury & Tort Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In plaintiff's action against a licensed notary for knowingly notarizing a third-party's signature on a deed as if it were plaintiff's, purporting to...
08/20/2010 B216493

Berman v. Cate

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
In plaintiff's petition for writ of mandate seeking specific performance of an alleged term of his plea agreement mandating that his term of parole...
08/19/2010 E049552

Milpitas Unified Sch. Dist. v. Workers' Comp. Appeals Bd.

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Government Law, Labor & Employment Law, Workers' Compensation
In a School District employee's suit for workers' compensation claims, the decision of the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board is affirmed as, the...
08/19/2010 H034853

New W. Charter Middle Sch. v. Los Angeles Unified Sch. Dist.

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Attorney's Fees, Contracts, Education Law, Government Law
In plaintiff-charter school's suit against the Los Angeles School District for revoking its offer to plaintiff a number of classrooms and the shared...
08/19/2010 B215777
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