California Court of Appeal - June 2010 Opinion Summaries

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People v. Vang

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Sentencing
In a conviction of defendants for assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury and a jury finding that the special allegation was...
06/07/2010 D054343

Rogers v. Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Evidence, Injury & Tort Law
(Industry: Aerospace & Defense)

In plaintiff's suit against a manufacturer of the helicopter she was piloting at the time of her crash, a grant of defendant's motion in limine to...
06/04/2010 C061943

Collins v. Plant Insulation Co.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Government Law, Injury & Tort Law, Remedies
In plaintiffs' suit for the death of a husband and father caused by mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure while working as a welder at a...
06/03/2010 A124268

TWC Storage, LLC v. State Water Res. Control Bd.

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Environmental Law, Property Law & Real Estate, Water Law
In a petition for a writ of administrative mandate, challenging the imposition of a $25,000 fine on petitioner by the Regional Water Quality Control...
06/03/2010 H033228

People v. Chung

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
In a conviction of defendant for animal cruelty, trial court's denial of motion to suppress evidence of an injured dog on the patio of defendant's...
06/03/2010 B212210

In re D.J.

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Juvenile Law
Juvenile court's judgment committing minor-defendant to the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) is affirmed as the last petition alleging a...
06/03/2010 A125867

San Joaquin County Human Serv. Agency v. Marcus W.

California Court of Appeal
Health Law, Juvenile Law
Juvenile court's decision ordering a minor (a Jehova's Witness), who has sickle cell anemia, to undergo periodic blood transfusions to prevent him...
06/02/2010 C060965

Mabry v. Superior Court

California Court of Appeal
Asset Forfeiture, Civil Procedure, Class Actions, Contracts, Judgement Enforcement, Property Law & Real Estate
In homeowners' petition for a writ of mandate challenging an order of the trial court, allowing for foreclosure to proceed on their home, is granted...
06/02/2010 G042911

People v. Duarte

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure
Conviction of defendant for firearm and gang related offenses is affirmed but modified as, where the underlying felony is a necessary element of the...
06/02/2010 G041195

People v. Chikosi

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Sentencing
Conviction of defendant for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08% or more, and evading the police, is...
06/02/2010 G041014
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