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Alameda County Joint Apprenticeship & Training Comm. v. Roadway Elec. Works Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Construction, Government Law, Labor & Employment Law
In a suit for unfair and unlawful competition under Business and Professions Code section 17200 and interference with prospective economic advantage,...
06/29/2010 A125494

City of San Diego v. San Diego City Employees' Ret. Sys.

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Government Benefits, Government Contracts, Government Law, Labor & Employment Law
In a city's petition to set aside plaintiff's decision to charge the city for underfunding of pension service credits during a particular period,...
06/29/2010 D054688

Zamora v. Lehman

California Court of Appeal
Bankruptcy Law, Civil Procedure, Contracts, Corp. Governance, Corporation & Enterprise Law, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Labor & Employment Law
In a trustee's action against former officers of a defunct company, alleging breach of fiduciary duty, trial court's grant of defendants' motion to...
06/29/2010 B215764

In re Tobacco Cases I

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Class Actions, Consumer Protection Law, False Advertising, Remedies, Sanctions
(Industry: Manufacturing)

In People's action against defendant, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, seeking to enforce a consent decree entered on a master settlement agreement...
06/29/2010 D055350

In re Marriage of Sonne

California Court of Appeal
Family Law, Labor & Employment Law
In marital dissolution proceedings, judgment of the trial court in dividing the parties' interests in husband's California Public Employees'...
06/28/2010 H030110

Steinman v. Malamed

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Evidence, Probate, Trusts & Estates, Securities Law, Contracts
In defendant's motion to enforce a prepayment provision under a settlement agreement arising from plaintiffs' suit for breach of fiduciary duty and...
06/28/2010 B216291

Scott v. Rayhrer

California Court of Appeal
Evidence, Health Law, Injury & Tort Law, Professional Malpractice
In a medical malpractice suit, arising from a surgery for colorectal cancer where a drain inserted after the surgery was left in plaintiff's abdomen...
06/28/2010 B209160

Pennsylvania Gen. Ins. Co. v. Am. Safety Indem. Co.

California Court of Appeal
Construction, Contracts, Insurance Law
(Industry: Manufacturing)

In a suit for equitable contribution for a portion of the defense and indemnity costs paid by the plaintiff-insurer in the underlying construction...
06/28/2010 D054522

In re T.J.

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing, Juvenile Law
In a case involving a minor defendant charged with committing lewd acts on a child, juvenile court's conclusion that the minor is eligible, but not...
06/28/2010 C061890

Yanez v. SOMA Envtl. Eng'g, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Injury & Tort Law, Remedies
In plaintiff's suit for injuries she suffered in an automobile accident, trial court's grant of defendants' motion to reduce the award for medical...
06/24/2010 A123893
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