California Court of Appeal - June 2009 Opinion Summaries

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Vigilant Ins. Co. v. Chiu

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Criminal Law & Procedure, Injury & Tort Law, Remedies, Sentencing
Trial court judgment in favor of plaintiff for damages, interest, and costs related to defendant's theft of property is affirmed where a criminal...
06/29/2009 B209550

Wilson v. San Luis Obispo County Democratic Central Comm.

California Court of Appeal
Constitutional Law, Elections, Government Law
Trial court judgment denying plaintiff's petition for writs of mandate and prohibition is affirmed where: 1) the removal clause of the committee...
06/29/2009 B209293

Owen v. Macy's, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Labor & Employment Law
Trial court judgment holding that plaintiff was not unlawfully denied vacation pay when her employment ended is affirmed where: 1) the express written...
06/29/2009 B207719

Charisma R. v. Christina S.

California Court of Appeal
Constitutional Law, Evidence, Family Law
In a child custody dispute, trial court orders declaring plaintiff a presumed parent of the child and establishing a schedule for reunification is...
06/26/2009 A122264

Carmel, Ltd. v. Tavoussi

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure
Trial court order denying defendants' application under Code of Civil Procedure sec. 4731 to vacate a default judgment is reversed and remanded where:...
06/26/2009 G040079

People v. Ulloa

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Sentencing
Sentence for kidnapping, rape and various other crimes is reversed and remanded where sufficient evidence does not support the trial court's finding...
06/26/2009 B201072

In re Jenkins

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Habeas Corpus
Trial court order granting relief on a habeas corpus petition is reversed where: 1) the prison warden's notice of appeal was timely filed under...
06/25/2009 C059321

People v. Cervantes

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
Trial court order revoking defendant's probation and sentencing him to state prison is reversed where defendant did not violate his probation as the...
06/25/2009 B209350

State Farm Gen. Ins. Co. v. Mintarsih

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Injury & Tort Law, Insurance Law
In a dispute involving insurance liability coverage, trial court judgment is affirmed in part and reversed in part where: 1) defendant established no...
06/25/2009 B202888

OneBeacon America Insurance Co. v. Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.

California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Evidence, Insurance Law
In an action for equitable contribution, trial court judgment is reversed in part and affirmed in part where: 1) the right of equitable contribution...
06/24/2009 B209526
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