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California Court of Appeal - December 2007 Opinion Summaries

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Van Winkle v. County of Ventura

California Court of Appeal
Civil Rights, Criminal Law & Procedure, Government Law, Labor & Employment Law
Protections provided to law enforcement officers under the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act do not apply to officers subject to...
12/26/2007 B194395

In re Marriage Of Harris

California Court of Appeal
Bankruptcy Law, Family Law
After termination of marriage and agreements that spousal support would be waived and that husband would hold wife harmless for obligation of...
12/24/2007 E040674

Hailey v. Cal. Physicians' Serv.

California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Health Law, Injury & Tort Law
Sustaining of demurrers on emotional distress claims, summary judgment for defendants on contract claims, and award of damages to defendants on...
12/24/2007 G035579

Mitchell Land & Improvement Co. v. Risorante Ferantelli, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Contracts, Landlord Tenant Law
In unlawful detainer action that was subsequently voluntarily dismissed by plaintiff, order awarding defendant its attorney's fees is modified to...
12/24/2007 G037944

Warfield v. Summerville Senior Living, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Elder Law, Injury & Tort Law
In action for elder abuse and other claims, denial of petition to compel arbitration, based on an arbitration agreement plaintiff's husband had signed...
12/24/2007 G038392

Harman v. City & County of San Francisco

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Labor & Employment Law
In case alleging employment discrimination, award of attorney's fees is reversed in part as to fees for work performed in the prior appeal on the...
12/21/2007 A115519

People v. Dean

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Conviction based on no contest plea to drug and weapons-related charges is reversed where, in opposing defendant's suppression motion, the prosecution...
12/21/2007 A115164

People v. Abrams

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Sentencing
Prison sentence imposed following revocation of probation on a charge of petty theft with prior convictions is affirmed as, whether or not a defendant...
12/21/2007 B194835

San Diego Metro. Transit Dev. Bd. v. RV Communities

California Court of Appeal
Constitutional Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In eminent domain case involving partial condemnation of defendant's land, trial court's decision changing the date of valuation of the condemned...
12/21/2007 D042545

Richeson v. Helal

California Court of Appeal
Constitutional Law, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In action seeking to compel the closure of Fair Market, a neighborhood market in Santa Monica built in the 1920's, permanent injunction against use...
12/21/2007 B187273
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