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California Court of Appeal - March 2006 Opinion Summaries

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Trancas Prop. Owners Ass'n v. Malibu

California Court of Appeal
Construction, Contracts, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Denial of petition for writ of mandate to set aside an agreement between plaintiff and defendant is reversed where the agreement impermissibly...
03/30/2006 B174674A

People v. Petrisca

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Evidence
Order recusing the entire L.A. District Attorney's Office from prosecuting the case against defendant is reversed where: 1) there was no evidence that...
03/30/2006 B188294

People v. Balint

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Conviction for receiving stolen property is affirmed over claim that police exceeded the scope of a search warrant when they confiscated an open...
03/30/2006 G0334435

Experian v. Superior Ct. (Sorensen)

California Court of Appeal
Class Actions, Consumer Protection Law, Debt Collection, Injury & Tort Law
Order approving letter to former potential class members is reversed where: 1) after denial of certification, a court cannot order notification of...
03/30/2006 G036211

Andrews v. Foster Wheeler

California Court of Appeal
Injury & Tort Law, Product Liability
Trial court's grant of summary judgment in favor of defendant is affirmed because plaintiffs have not established a triable issue of fact regarding...
03/30/2006 A108911

Dahms v. Downtown Pomona Prop. & Bus. Improvement Dist.

California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate, Tax Law
Trial court's rejection of plaintiff's challenge to the creation of a special assessment district in downtown Pomona, California is affirmed over...
03/30/2006 B183545

People v. Navarro

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Evidence
Denial of motions to disclose the identity of an informant, quash a search warrant, and suppress evidence are affirmed where: 1) the government did...
03/30/2006 B173591A

People v. Castro

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Sentencing
Conviction of felony false imprisonment is reversed because the trial court erred in failing to provide an instruction on misdemeanor false...
03/30/2006 B182028

Marriage of Kieturakis

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Family Law
Denial of motions to set aside marital settlement agreement, to modify support, and for attorney fees are affirmed over claims that the court...
03/29/2006 A101719

Harris v. Investors' Bus. Daily

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Class Actions, Labor & Employment Law
In a wage-and-hour class action, orders sustaining a demurrer to cause of action under Business and Professions Code section 17200 and granting...
03/29/2006 B178428
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