California Court of Appeal - April 2005 Opinion Summaries

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Gill v. Rich

California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Health Law, Insurance Law
In a receivership action concerning a trust providing an alternative to medical malpractice insurance, an assessment levied onto members of the failed...
04/29/2005 B158336

People v. Pena

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Defendant-inmates' convictions for assault are reversed where the admission of a codefendant's extrajudicial statement to a police officer violated...
04/29/2005 H023394

Acosta v. Glenfed Dev. Corp.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Construction
In a construction defect action, defendants may not assert the 10-year limitations period in Code of Civil Procedure section 337.15 as a defense where...
04/29/2005 B163118

Morris v. Redwood Empire Bancorp

California Court of Appeal
Banking Law, Constitutional Law, Consumer Protection Law
Federal banking laws and regulations concerning noninterest bank fees do not preempt California's unfair competition law.
04/29/2005 G033649

Anolik v. EMC Mortgage Corp.

California Court of Appeal
Property Law & Real Estate
In a suit to enjoin a foreclosure sale, judgment in favor of defendant is reversed where the trial court erred in determining that the notice of...
04/29/2005 C044201

Deborah M. v. Super. Ct. of San Diego County

California Court of Appeal
Family Law, Juvenile Law
Family Code section 3041.5(a) does not permit courts in custody and visitation proceedings to order drug testing, by means of a hair follicle test, of...
04/29/2005 D045854

The Roman Cath. Bishop of Oak. v. Super. Ct. of Alameda County

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Juvenile Law
Code of Civil Procedure section 340.1, which permits a one-year period for the revival of childhood sexual abuse claims that had expired under the...
04/29/2005 B179053

Dep't of Alco. Bev. Cont. v. Alco. Bev. Cont. App. Bd.

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Consumer Protection Law
(Industry: Food & Beverage)

Defendant's sponsorship payments to an event promoter for co-sponsorship of a race constituted violations of sections 25500(a)(2) and 25503(h) of the...
04/29/2005 A107773

Kangarlou v. Progressive Title Co.

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Contracts, Property Law & Real Estate
In a dispute between the buyer of residential property and her escrow agent, denial of plaintiff-buyer's request for attorney fees is reversed where...
04/29/2005 B177400

Evans v. City of San Jose

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Government Law
Defendant-City's adoption of a redevelopment plan, including the finding of blight, was supported by substantial evidence.
04/28/2005 H026802
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