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IN RE: ISAAC A., A Person Alleged to be a Juvenile Delinquent, Respondent. Presentment Agency, Appellant.

Decided: May 20, 2014

TOM, J.P., RENWICK, RICHTER, FEINMAN, GISCHE, JJ. Michael A. Cardozo, Corporation Counsel, New York (Jenna Lynn Krueger of counsel), for appellant. Tamara A. Steckler, The Legal Aid Society, New York (John A. Newbery of counsel), for respondent.

Order, Family Court, New York County (Mary E. Bednar, J.), entered on or about July 31, 2013, which dismissed the juvenile delinquency petition on speedy trial grounds, unanimously affirmed, without costs.

The court properly dismissed the petition after concluding that the presentment agency failed to demonstrate good cause for adjourning the suppression and fact-finding hearings beyond the 60–day speedy trial limit (see Family Court Act § 340.1[2],[4][a] ). We find no basis for disturbing the court's determination that the presentment agency's inability to complete the suppression hearing within the time limit resulted from its inadequate preparation and lack of reasonable measures to insure its readiness to proceed on the required date (Matter of Robert B., 187 A.D.2d 647 [1st Dept 1992] ).