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Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Fourth Department, New York.

Matter of Charles J. FLYNN, Petitioner-Appellant, v. Gregory B. OLMA, David A. Franczyk, William J. Reece, Robert J. Blazina, Dennis J. Boyle, James M. Dee, Thomas J. Christy, Ronald J. Pilozzi, Richard Clark, Lucy Tretiak Caruso, Gerhardt J. Yaskow, John W. Greenan, Kevin R. Hardwick, Salvatore P. Dicembre, Karen E. Balone, Robert W. Pietrocarlo, Bob Brewer, Shelly Collora Schratz, Jane S. Woodward, Gerald E. Paradise, III, Eugene P. Czyz, Sr., Martin E. Rosiek, Richard W. Herniman, Terri J. Kloiber, Mary A. Clark, Kenneth E. Martin, Janet L. Vogtli, John N. Cardarelli, Edward Krycia, Jr., Bill Cirocco, Deborah J. Skulski, Mary S. Cooke, Michael E. Heftka, Karl F. Kofod, Timothy R. Straube, Georgette F. Pelletterie, Douglas P. Szary, Keith V. Dillingham, Harold L. Finger, Thomas R. George, Stanley A. Jemiolo, Jr., David H. Rider, Joseph M. Shiah, Raymond E. Sinclair, Kevin A. Shelley, Donald J. Larson, Joseph H. Lukasiewicz, Sr., Richard L. Reese, Jr., James B. Ebersole, John G. Hedges, Dorothy L. Bycina, Kevin D. Walsh, Becky Jo Summers, Mary E. Bolt, Dawn D. Izydorczak, Christa L. Dake, William L. Kindel, Peggy M. Cooke, Samuel J. Chiavetta, Jr., Charles T. Nuttle, Mary A. Stelley, Gerald R. Barry, Donald C. Holmes, Gerald F. Summe, John J. Mills, Anthony L. Orsini, Jr., Louis P. Corrigan, Jr., and Laurence F. Adamczyk and Ralph M. Mohr, as Commissioners of Elections and Constituting Erie County Board of Elections, Respondents-Respondents.

Decided: August 22, 2001

PRESENT:  PIGOTT, JR., P. J., GREEN, PINE, WISNER and LAWTON, JJ. John M. Curran, for petitioner-appellant. Timothy J. Greenan, for respondents-respondents, John W. Greenan, Bill Cirocco, Deborah Skulski, David H. Rider, Joseph M. Shiah, Raymond E. Sinclair, Donald J. Larson, John G. Hedges and Gerald R. Barry. E. Thomas Jones, for respondents-respondents, William L. Kindel and Christa L. Dake. Roger A. Olson, for respondents-respondents, Anthony L. Orsini, Jr., Louis P. Corrigan, Jr., Michael E. Heftka, Joseph H. Lukasiewicz, Sr., and Gerhardt J. Yaskow. William R. Crowe, for respondents-respondents, Jane S. Woodward and Shelly Collora Schratz. Michael DiGiacomo, for respondents-respondents, Richard L. Reese, Jr., Douglas P. Szary, Mary E. Bolt and Georgette F. Pelletterie. Edward P. Perlman, for respondents-respondents, Gregory B. Olma, David A. Franczyk, Lucy Tretiak Caruso and Kevin R. Hardwick. Mark E. Saltarelli, for respondents-respondents, Ronald J. Pilozzi, William J. Reece and Dennis J. Boyle. Leonard Berkowitz, for the remaining respondents-respondents.

Petitioner commenced this special proceeding seeking to invalidate the designating petitions and authorizations filed on behalf of respondent candidates for the Independence Party primary election to be held on September 11, 2001 (see, Election Law § 6-120[3] ).   A challenge to the election of officers at a party committee meeting must be brought within 10 days after the meeting is held (see, Election Law § 16-102[2] ).   Here, chairpersons of competing factions within the party were elected at competing organizational meetings held on November 7, 2000, and neither faction challenged the organizational meeting of the other within the 10-day time limitation.   Supreme Court therefore properly dismissed the petition as time-barred (see, Matter of Valin v. Adamczyk, 286 A.D.2d 566, 730 N.Y.S.2d 464 [2001] ).

Order unanimously affirmed without costs.