RE v. Christina Shea Walters

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Supreme Court of North Carolina.

RE: State v. Christina Shea Walters


Decided: March 02, 2018

Dear Mr. Coleman:

The following order has been entered on the motion filed on the 30th of May 2017 by Charles Becton, Charles Daye, Valerie Johnson, Irving L. Joyner, Floyd B. McKissick, Jr., Cressie H. Thigpen, Jr., and Fred J. Williams for leave to file Amicus Curiae Brief:

“Motion Allowed by order of the Court in conference, this the 1st of March 2018.”

For the Court

Unless already submitted, the Amicus Brief shall be submitted to the court within the times allowed and in the manner provided by Appellate Rule 28(i).

Amy L. Funderburk Clerk, Supreme Court of North Carolina

M. C. Hackney Assistant Clerk, Supreme Court Of North Carolina

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Morgan, J.

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