B.G.E., Respondent, v. M.A.E., Appellant.

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Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District.

B.G.E., Respondent, v. M.A.E., Appellant.

WD 79351

Decided: July 26, 2016

Before Division Three: Victor C. Howard, Presiding Judge, Lisa White Hardwick and James E. Welsh, Judges Jonathan Sternberg, Kansas City for respondent. Bruce B. Brown, Kearney for appellant.


M.A.E. (“Mother”) appeals from the judgment modifying the dissolution judgment between her and B.G.E. (“Father”). Mother contends the court erred in denying her a continuance, ordering her to pay Father's attorney's fees and the guardian ad litem's fee, and denying her visitation until further order of the court. For reasons explained in a Memorandum provided to the parties, we find no error and affirm the judgment.

AFFIRMED. Rule 84.16(b).