IN RE: State of Louisiana

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Supreme Court of Louisiana.

IN RE: State of Louisiana v. Martin G. Lemoine

NO: 2015-K-1120

Decided: October 12, 2016

JUSTICES GREG G. GUIDRY, First District SCOTT J. CRICHTON, Second District JEANNETTE THERIOT KNOLL, Third District MARCUS R. CLARK, Fourth District JEFFERSON D. HUGHES III, Fifth District JOHN L. WEIMER, Sixth District

Dear Counsel:

The Court has granted the writ application filed in the above captioned case on October 12, 2016.

On the basis of preliminary analysis, the court has tentatively concluded it will be appropriate to decide this case summarily and without written opinion.

After more intensive study of the merits of the case, and consideration of any oral argument, the court may adhere to its tentative decision or may assign the case for an authored opinion.

With kindest regards, I remain,