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Court of Appeals of Georgia.

JOYNER et al. v. LEAPHART et al.


Decided: November 03, 2022

Eugene D. Butt, Covington, James Hugh Potts II, for Appellant. Andrew M. Wilkes, Irving William Drought III, Savannah, for Appellee.

In Joyner v. Leaphart, 314 Ga. 1, 875 S.E.2d 729 (2022), our Supreme Court reversed Division 2 of our opinion in Joyner v. Leaphart, 358 Ga. App. 383, 853 S.E.2d 407 (2021), vacated the remainder of the opinion, and directed us to remand the case to the trial court to reconsider, in light of the Supreme Court's opinion, Lynn Leaphart and MPPG, Inc.’s motion to dismiss Vanessa and Brock Joyner's wrongful death action. 314 Ga. at 9 (2) (c), 875 S.E.2d 729. Accordingly, we adopt the opinion of the Supreme Court as our own, vacate the trial court's judgment, and remand the case to the trial court for further proceedings in accordance with the Supreme Court's direction.

Judgment vacated and case remanded.

McFadden, Presiding Judge.

Markle and Land, JJ., concur.

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