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Court of Appeals of Georgia.

ELLIOT v. RESURGENS, P.C., d/b/a Resurgens Orthopedics, et al.


Decided: August 28, 2017

In Resurgens, P.C. v. Elliott, ––– Ga. –––– (800 SE2d 580) (2017), the Supreme Court of Georgia reversed our previous decision in Elliott v. Resurgens, P.C., 336 Ga. App. 217 (782 SE2d 867) (2016), in which we reversed a jury verdict in favor of Resurgens, P.C., d/b/a Resurgens Orthopedics and Tapan K. Daftari, M.D., in Sean Elliot's medical-malpractice action against them. Specifically, the Supreme Court of Georgia disagreed with our conclusion that the trial court's exclusion of certain witness testimony required reversal of the jury's verdict and held that the judgment below should be affirmed. Accordingly, we adopt judgment of the Supreme Court of Georgia as our own, and affirm the trial court's judgment.

Judgment affirmed.

Dillard, Chief Judge.

Ellington, P. J., and Mercier, J., concur.

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