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Supreme Court of Connecticut.

STATE of Connecticut v. Eduardo SANTIAGO.*

No. 17413.

Decided: August 25, 2015

ROGERS, C.J., and NORCOTT, PALMER, ZARELLA, EVELEIGH, McDONALD and ESPINOSA, Js.** Mark Rademacher, assistant public defender, for the appellant (defendant). Harry Weller, senior assistant state's attorney, with whom were Matthew A. Weiner, deputy assistant state's attorney, and, on the brief, Kevin T. Kane, chief state's attorney, Gail P. Hardy, state's attorney, Susan C. Marks, supervisory assistant state's attorney, and Marjorie Allen Dauster, Donna Mambrino and John F. Fahey, senior assistant state's attorneys, for the appellee (state). Constance de la Vega, pro hac vice, and Hope R. Metcalf filed a brief for experts on international human rights and comparative law as amicus curiae. Alex V. Hernandez and Brian W. Stull filed a brief for legal historians and scholars as amicus curiae. Sandra J. Staub, David J. McGuire and Lauren R. Masotta filed a brief for the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Connecticut as amicus curiae. Kent S. Scheidegger, pro hac vice, and Judith Rossi filed a brief for the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation as amicus curiae.


In this opinion NORCOTT, EVELEIGH and McDONALD, Js., concurred.

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