Alejandro Magno v. Nancy Magno

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Superior Court of Connecticut.

Alejandro Magno v. Nancy Magno


    Decided: February 23, 2011


The court, after listening to the parties and reviewing all of the evidence, finds that residence requirements have been satisfied and neither party has been the recipient of public assistance.   All pertinent criteria outlined in Chapter 815 of the General Statutes as well as applicable case law were considered by the court in the entry of the following orders.



The marriage is dissolved on the grounds of an irretrievable breakdown.


The Wife shall quit claim to the Husband all of her right title and interest in the marital residence located at 63 Bronx Avenue, Waterbury subject to following conditions.

1. the Wife shall have exclusive use and occupancy of the premises until March 1, 2012, or until she vacates the premises as her principal place of residence whichever shall sooner occur;

2. the Husband shall have the sole obligation for payment of the mortgage, taxes, and insurance on said property as well as all repairs necessary to keep the premises habitable during the Wife's occupancy, and shall save the Wife harmless from any and all claims regarding same;

3. the Wife shall have the sole obligation for the payment of utilities and normal maintenance;

4. the Husband may visit the premises only to inspect same, upon reasonable request, and provided such inspection is done in the company of a police officer whose fees, if any, are to be paid by the Husband (violation of this provision shall be considered a serious offense);

5. in the event foreclosure proceedings are instituted, both parties are to give their full cooperation in its defense, especially as it relates to the issue of the Wife's exclusive use of the premises;

6. the Husband shall cause the Wife's name to be removed from the obligation on the mortgage prior to March 1, 2012;

7. in the event the Husband is unable or unwilling to remove the Wife's name from the effect of the mortgage obligation, the property is to be immediately listed for sale and sold to the buyer with the first reasonable offer;

8. the Wife shall leave the premises broom clean upon vacating same;  and

9. the court shall reserve jurisdiction to effectuate the terms of this article.


No alimony is awarded to either party.


Each party shall retain the furniture and personal possessions in their respective care and control without claim from the other, except for the items on the agreed upon list which the Husband may remove from the marital residence within 30 days from date, in the company of a police officer, or consider them abandoned.

Each party shall retain their own bank accounts.

The Husband shall retain the two 2007 Toyota Prius automobiles provided he be solely responsible for any obligations concerning same.   The Wife shall give her full cooperation in any attempt by the Husband to salvage said vehicles.


Each party shall be solely responsible for the liabilities shown on their financial affidavits.


Each party shall sign any necessary documents to effectuate the orders contained herein.


Cutsumpas, Lloyd, J.T.R.

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