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United States Second Circuit Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of United States Second Circuit decisions since . Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
UNITED STATES v. ESTERAS (2024) May 16, 2024 Nos. 22-1804(L), 22-3083(Con) August Term 2023
TERESHCHENKO v. KARIMI (2024) May 16, 2024 Docket No. 24-172-cv August Term, 2023
BRANDON v. ROYCE (2024) May 15, 2024 No. 21-2554 August Term, 2023
UNITED STATES v. BARRETT (2024) May 15, 2024 No. 21-1379 August Term 2023
WATSON LABORATORIES, INC., Debtor. (2024) May 13, 2024 Nos. 23-410 (L), 23-418 (CON), 23-420 (CON), 23-423 (CON) August Term, 2023
Miriam Fuld, individually, as personal representative and administrator of the Estate of Ari Yoel Fuld, Deceased, and as natural guardian of plaintiff Natan Shai Fuld, Natan Shai Fuld, minor, by his next friend and Guardian Miriam Fuld, Naomi Fuld, Tama.. (2024) May 10, 2024 Docket Nos. 22-76-cv (L) 22-496-cv (Con), 15-3135-cv (L), 15-3151-cv (XAP), 22-1060-cv (Con)
SOLIMAN v. SUBWAY FRANCHISEE ADVERTISING FUND TRUST LTD 20 (2024) May 10, 2024 Docket No. 22-1726-cv August Term 2023
Jason Doherty, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Patricia Bice, Individually and as Dean of Student Affairs for Purchase College, State University of New York, Jared Stammer, Individually and as Conduct Officer for Purchase College, State University of New Yo.. (2024) May 10, 2024 No. 23-1217
Charity BUSTAMANTE, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated; Amanda Short; Sarah Thomas, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated; and Elizabeth Livingston, Plaintiffs-Appellants, Amy Cavanagh, individually and on .. (2024) May 2, 2024 No. 22-2684-cv August Term 2023
CEDENO v. SASSON LLC LLC LLC LLC (2024) May 1, 2024 No. 21-2891-cv August Term 2022

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