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United States Second Circuit Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of United States Second Circuit decisions since . Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
DUVALL v. COUNTY OF ONTARIO NEW YORK (2023) September 29, 2023 Docket No. 21-2917-bk August Term, 2022
STATE BY TONG v. EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION (2023) September 27, 2023 No. 21-1446-cv August Term 2022
UNITED STATES v. DAVIS (2023) September 21, 2023 Docket No. 21-1782 August Term, 2022
MURPHY v. HUGHSON (2023) September 21, 2023 Docket No. 21-2998-cv August Term, 2022
UNITED STATES v. HUNT (2023) September 20, 2023 No. 21-3020 August Term 2022
SIEMENS ENERGY INC v. PETRÓLEOS DE VENEZUELA PDVSA LLC (2023) September 20, 2023 Docket No. 22-0047-cv August Term, 2022
RED TREE INVESTMENTS LLC v. PETRÓLEOS DE VENEZUELA PDVSA (2023) September 20, 2023 Docket Nos. 22-225-cv, 22-232-cv August Term, 2022
ELISA W.; Alexandria R., by her next friend, Alison Max Rothschild; Thierry E., by his next friend, MICHAEL B. Mushlin; Lucas T., Ximena T., Jose T.C. and Valentina T.C., by their next friend, Rachel Friedman; Ayanna J., by her next friend, Meyghan McC.. (2023) September 19, 2023 No. 22-7 August Term 2022
IN RE: ALBA PETRÓLEOS DE EL SALVADOR S.E.M. DE C.V. * (2023) September 18, 2023 No. 22-317 August Term 2022
DIMARTILE v. HOCHUL (2023) September 15, 2023 Docket No. 21-2988-cv August Term, 2022
VASQUEZ v. GARLAND (2023) September 13, 2023 No. 21-6380 August Term, 2022
Eva WALDMAN, Revital Bauer, Individually and as Natural Guardian of Plaintiffs Yehonathon Bauer, Binyamin Bauer, Daniel Bauer and Yehuda Bauer, Shaul Mandelkorn, Nurit Mandelkorn, Oz Joseph Guetta, Minor, By His Next Friend and Guardian Varda Guetta, Va.. (2023) September 8, 2023 Docket Nos. 15-3135-cv (L), 15-3151-cv (XAP), 22-1060-cv (Con) August Term 2022
Miriam FULD, individually, as personal representative and administrator of the Estate of Ari Yoel Fuld, Deceased, and as natural guardian of Plaintiff Natan Shai Fuld, Natan Shai Fuld, Minor, by his next friend and guardian Miriam Fuld, Naomi Fuld, Tama.. (2023) September 8, 2023 Docket Nos. 22-76-cv (L), 22-496-cv (Con) August Term 2022
BANKS v. GENERAL MOTORS LLC GM LLC FKA LLC LLC FKA (2023) September 7, 2023 Docket No. 21-2640 August Term 2022
EMA FINANCIAL LLC v. CHANCIS RAR LLC (2023) September 6, 2023 Docket Nos. 22-274(L), 22-402(XAP) August Term, 2022
UNITED STATES v. MINTER (2023) September 6, 2023 No. 21-3102 August Term 2022
UNITED STATES v. PERCOCO (2023) September 5, 2023 Nos. 18-2990(L), 19-1272(Con) August Term 2019
WHEATLEY v. NEW YORK STATE UNITED TEACHERS (2023) September 5, 2023 No. 22-2743-cv August Term 2022

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