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United States Second Circuit Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of United States Second Circuit decisions since . FindLaw offers a free RSS feed for this court. We also maintain an archive of Opinion Summaries from September 2000 to the Present. Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
ROTH v. THE GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC January 29, 2014 Docket No. 12–2509–cv.
UNITED STATES v. DEMIZIO January 28, 2014 Docket No. 12–1293.
SWATCH GROUP MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD v. BLOOMBERG January 27, 2014 Docket Nos. 12–2412–cv, 12–2645–cv.
SWATCH GROUP MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD v. BLOOMBERG January 27, 2014 Docket Nos. 12–2412–cv, 12–2645–cv.
STEGINSKY v. XCELERA INC VBI January 27, 2014 Nos. 13–1327–cv, 13–1892–cv.
DOE v. GUTHRIE CLINIC LTD January 27, 2014 Docket No. 12–1045–CV.
Roberto RAMOS, Frank Rodriguez, Jose Luis Maldonado, Jose Fernandez, Chris Maietta, Randy Wray, Rogelio Smith, Agban Agban, Yadira Gonzalez, Maximo Estrella, Jr., Jaime Oy Arvide, Nacim Bennekaa, Breno Zimerer, Omar Florez, individually and on behalf of.. January 23, 2014 Docket No. 12–4901–cv.
UNITED STATES v. THAVARAJA January 23, 2014 Docket No. 12–4330–cr.
KOEHL v. BERNSTEIN January 23, 2014 Docket No. 12–3855–cv.
McCOLLEY v. COUNTY OF RENSSELAER January 21, 2014 Docket No. 12–2220–CV.
The EVERGREEN ASSOCIATION, INC., DBA Expectant Mother Care Pregnancy Centers EMC Frontline Pregnancy Center, Life Center of New York, Inc., DBA AAA Pregnancy Problems Center, Pregnancy Care Center of New York, Inc orporated as Crisis Pregnancy Center of.. January 17, 2014 Docket Nos. 11–2735–cv, 11–2929–cv.
UNITED STATES v. CLARK January 17, 2014 Docket No. 12–1221–cr.
POVENTUD v. CITY OF NEW YORK January 16, 2014 No. 12–1011–cv.
UNITED STATES v. MACIAS January 14, 2014 Docket No. 12–3908–cr.
TIRE ENGINEERING AND DISTRIBUTION v. BANK OF CHINA LIMITED January 14, 2014 Nos. 13–1519–cv, 13–2535–cv(L), 13–2639–cv(con).
MARTINEZ v. BLOOMBERG LP January 14, 2014 No. 12–3654–cv.
IN RE: BERNARD L. MADOFF INVESTMENT SECURITIES LLC January 13, 2014 Nos. Nos. 12–1645–bk(L), 12–1646–bk(CON), 12–1651–bk(CON), 12–1669–bk(CON), 12–1703–bk(CON).
UNITED STATES v. SHAND January 13, 2014 Docket No. 13–227–cr.
Licci ex rel. Licci v. SAL January 9, 2014 10-1306
HOLLIS v. DRISCOLL January 7, 2014 No. 13–3688–cv.
IN RE: Douglas E. PALERMO January 7, 2014 Docket Nos. 11–848–cv(L), 11–4018–cv (Con).
MATUSICK v. ERIE COUNTY WATER AUTHORITY January 6, 2014 Nos. 11–1234 (L), 11–1618(XAP).
MATUSICK v. ERIE COUNTY WATER AUTHORITY January 3, 2014 Docket Nos. 11–1234, 11–1618.

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