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United States Second Circuit Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of United States Second Circuit decisions since . FindLaw offers a free RSS feed for this court. We also maintain an archive of Opinion Summaries from September 2000 to the Present. Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
WATSON v. GEREN October 30, 2009 No. 07-2563-pr.
ZHANG v. HOLDER October 30, 2009 Docket No. 07-0327-ag.
UNITED STATES v. BYORS October 29, 2009 Docket No. 08-4811-cr.
UNITED STATES v. WILLIAMS October 27, 2009 Docket No. 08-5151-cr.
GROSS v. RELL October 27, 2009 Docket No. 08-2626-cv.
CONTRERAS SALINAS v. HOLDER October 27, 2009 Docket No. 08-4611-ag.
LEIBOWITZ v. CORNELL UNIVERSITY October 23, 2009 Docket No. 07-4567-cv.
AGUAS LENDERS RECOVERY GROUP LLC v. SUEZ October 23, 2009 Docket No. 08-1589-cv.
PROSHIPLINE INC v. ASPEN INFRASTRUCTURES LTD October 22, 2009 Docket No. 08-0838-cv.
GREEN v. MATTINGLY October 21, 2009 Docket No. 08-4636-cv.
UNITED STATES v. BELL October 20, 2009 Docket No. 08-5506-cr.
UNITED STATES v. McCALLUM October 19, 2009 Docket No. 08-0322-cr.
Michael LONECKE, Raymond Duffy, Anne Nelson, Robert S. Fash, and Craig A. Harris, Individually and On Behalf of All those Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs-Appellees-Cross-Appellants, William Woodward, Individually and On Behalf of All those Similarly Si.. October 19, 2009 Docket Nos. 08-0459-cv (L), 08-0538-cv (XAP).
IN RE: Karen JAFFE October 19, 2009 Docket No. 06-9009-am.
SCHAGHTICOKE TRIBAL NATION v. KEMPTHORNE October 19, 2009 Docket No. 08-4735-cv.
AMW MATERIALS TESTING INC v. TOWN OF BABYLON October 19, 2009 Docket No. 08-1731-cv.
IN RE: DDAVP DIRECT PURCHASER ANTITRUST LITIGATION. Meijer October 16, 2009 Docket No. 06-5525-cv.
Thekla NORDWIND and Greta Hoerman, Plaintiffs-Counter-Defendants-Appellants-Cross-Appellees, Gerald B. Taylor, as executor of the Estate of Michael Franke, Plaintiff-Third-Party-Defendant-Counter-Claimant-Counter-Defendant-Appellant-Cross-Appellee, .. October 16, 2009 Docket Nos. 07-4862-cv (L), 07-5084-cv (XAP). *
SHIPPING CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD v. JALDHI OVERSEAS PTE LTD October 16, 2009 Docket Nos. 08–3477–cv(L), 08–3758–cv(XAP).
SEIDEMANN v. BOWEN PSC CUNY PSC CUNY October 15, 2009 Docket No. 08-3922-cv.
SELEVAN v. NEW YORK THRUWAY AUTHORITY October 15, 2009 Docket No. 07-0037-cv.
AURELIUS CAPITAL PARTNERS LP v. REPUBLIC OF ARGENTINA October 15, 2009 Docket Nos. 08-5621-cv(L), 08-5619-cv (con), 08-5620-cv(con), 08-5622-cv(con), 08-5623-cv (con), 08-5624-cv(xap), 08-5626-cv(con), 08-5630-cv-(con), 08-5691-cv(con), 08-5692-cv(con), 08-5693-cv(con), 08-5694-cv(con), 08-5695-cv-(con), 08-5696-cv(con), 08-5697-cv(con), 08-5698-cv-(con), 08-5699-cv(con), 08-5700-cv(con), 08-5701-cv(con), 08-5702-cv(con), 08-5703-cv(con), 08-5705-cv(con), 08-5708-cv(con), 08-5709-cv(con), 08-5710-cv(con), 08-5711-cv(con), 08-5712-cv(con), 08-5713-cv(con), 08-5714-cv(con), 08-5723-cv(con), 08-5726-cv(con), 08-5727-cv(con), 08-5729-cv(con), 08-5730-cv(con), 08-5731-cv(con), 08-5734-cv(con), 08-5735-cv(con), 08-5737-cv(con), 08-5738-cv(con), 08-5740-cv(con), 08-5741-cv(con), 08-5744-cv(con), 08-5746-cv(con), 08-5747-cv(con), 08-5748-cv(con), 08-5749-cv(con), 08-5750-cv(con), 08-5751-cv(con), 08-5753-cv(con), 08-5754-cv(con), 08-5755-cv(con), 08-5756-cv(con), 08-5757-cv(con), 08-5758-cv(con), 08-5759-cv(con), 08-5760-cv(con), 08-5761-cv(con), 08-5762-cv(con), 08-5769-cv(con), 08-5771-cv(con), 08-5774-cv(con), 08-5775-cv(con), 08-5776-cv(con), 08-5778-cv(con), 08-5779-cv(con), 08-5780-cv(con), 08-5782-cv(xap), 08-5783-cv(con), 08-5790-cv(con), 08-5792-cv(con), 08-5793-cv(con), 08-5794-cv(con), 08-5796-cv(con), 08-5799-cv(con), 08-5800-cv(con), 08-5802-cv(con), 08-5803-cv(con), 08-5803-cv(con), 08-5807-cv(con), 08-5808-cv(con), 08-5811-cv(con), 08-5817-cv(con), 08-5821-cv(con), 08-5825-cv(con), 08-5829-cv(con) 08-5869-cv(con), 08-5870-cv(con), 08-5872-cv(con), 08-5885-cv(con), 08-5910-cv(con), 08-5813-cv(con), 08-5981-cv(con), 08-6133-cv(con), 08-6135-cv(con), 08-6136-cv(xap), 08-6137-cv(con), 08-6138-cv(con), 08-6242-cv(con), 08-6243-cv(con), 08-6249-cv(con), 08-6250-cv(con), 08-6251-cv(con), 08-6252-cv(con), 08-6253-cv(con), 08-6254-cv(con), 08-6255-cv(con), 08-6256-cv(con), 08-6257-cv(con), 08-6260-cv(con), 08-6261-cv(con), 08-6269-cv(con), 08-6270-cv(con), 09-0151-cv(con), 09-0155-cv(con), 09-0158-cv(con), 09-0160-cv(con), 09-0161-cv(con), 09-0163-cv(con), 09-0163-cv(con), 09-0164-cv(con), 09-0165-cv(con), 09-0525-cv(con), 09-0803-cv(con), 09-0812-cv(con).
UNITED STATES v. THROWER October 14, 2009 Docket No. 08-2016-cr.
YAN YAN LIN v. HOLDER October 14, 2009 Docket No. 07-5791-ag.
IN RE: Faith Ann PEASLEE October 9, 2009 Docket Nos. 07-3962-bk(L), 07-3952-bk(CON), 07-3964-bk(CON), 07-3986-bk(CON), 07-3990-bk(CON).
ACZEL v. LABONIA October 9, 2009 Docket No. 08-2741-cv.
T.Y., K.Y., on behalf of T.Y., Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION October 9, 2009 Docket No. 08-3527-cv.
UNITED STATES v. FARMER October 8, 2009 Docket No. 07-2729-cr.
US v. Carreto October 8, 2009 06-2295
TELENOR MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS AS v. STORM LLC October 8, 2009 Docket Nos. 07-4974-cv(L);  08-6184-cv(CON);  08-6188-cv(CON).
UNITED STATES v. ROMERO PADILLA October 7, 2009 Docket Nos. 08-1817-cr(L), 08-3121-cr(Con).
LOEFFLER v. STATEN ISLAND UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL October 6, 2009 Docket No. 07-1404-cv.
PREMIUM MORTGAGE CORP v. EQUIFAX INC LLC October 5, 2009 Docket No. 08-5317-cv.
UNITED STATES v. RIGAS October 5, 2009 Docket Nos. 08-3485-cr (L), 08-3500-cr (CON), 08-3592-cr (CON), 08-3597-cr (CON).
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF SUDAN v. Matthew Mathiang Deang, Re October 2, 2009 Docket No. 07-0016-cv.
LOCAL 348 UFCW AFL CIO v. MERIDIAN MANAGEMENT CORP October 2, 2009 Docket No. 07-0080-cv.
GUO QI WANG v. HOLDER October 2, 2009 Docket No. 07-5369-ag.
ARCH INSURANCE COMPANY v. PRECISION STONE INC October 1, 2009 Docket Nos. 07-3950-cv (L), 07-4139-cv (XAP).
UNITED STATES v. SHIM October 1, 2009 Docket No. 08-1834-cr.

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